5 Tips for Beginning Runners That Really Produce Results

How many times have you decided to start running but not followed through with it? Too many to count. But it is never too late to get started and we want to encourage you to give it one more try. We assume that you have already read plenty of guides for new runners, so we want to share 5 tips with you that you may not have heard before.

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In our opinion, most rookie guides start with chapter two. They deal with how you can run your first five- or ten-kilometer run. What these overlook is that you first have to conquer the biggest obstacle: you have to begin running in the first place. And to lace up your running shoes a second and a third time even if the first time doesn’t go so well. You must continue to run even if you are becoming more and more skeptical that this “runner’s high” thing is a myth (spoiler: it’s not).

The road to success begins with believing in yourself. Far too many people end their running career before it even begins – which is a real shame. What they don’t know is that it takes time for a love of running to develop. There is no such thing as a born runner, but everyone can become one. Here are our top five tips for beginning runners:

1. Use the power of the moment

Our first tip for all novice runners: when the urge hits you, start running. Don’t wait until you have purchased the perfect, breathable running outfit and read everything there is to know about running economy and breathing techniques. The first steps are the hardest and you should put them behind you as quickly as possible. Afterwards, you can work on the finer points of running.

2. Look for like-minded people

Look for people you can go running with. This not only makes it less likely that you will skip your next run, but it also gives you someone to talk to. Being able to hold a conversation is a good sign that you are running at the right pace for beginners. If you find yourself constantly out of breath, you are probably pushing it too hard.

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3. Avoid boredom

Putting together a good playlist should definitely be part of your pre-run preparations. It has been scientifically proven that our performance improves when we listen to music while running. The list should include at least a half hours worth of power songs to keep your mood up. 

4. The right sleep rhythm

Running has a stimulating effect and boosts your metabolism. There’s a good chance that you won’t be able to fall asleep right after your run. Therefore, make sure to finish running at least two hours before hitting the hay. Otherwise, you might feel sluggish the next day and you don’t want to have any negative feelings associated with running.

5. Program your mindset

You should prepare yourself for the fact that you won’t always feel like running. This also happens to more seasoned runners, and even self-proclaimed running junkies! But successful runners have one thing in common: they save up all the positive feelings they experience after a run and use them to keep going when their motivation is low. This mindset works like a switch in your brain that you can simply flip on when the going gets tough. Plus, remember that you will continue to feel better the more your performance improves.


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