Get Fit with Bodyweight Training ➤ Read All About It in The Free Guide

Have you been wondering what the best training method is to boost your fitness level and improve your health? And you want to have a flexible training schedule without having to go to the gym?

Bodyweight training is a great way for you to get the best results without the expense of a gym or trainer.

What awaits you when you download the free guide:

  • Everything there is to know about working out with your own bodyweight
  • Benefits of bodyweight training
  • What to watch out for with the individual exercises
  • Losing weight and gaining muscle through bodyweight training
  • How to combine other sports with your workout
  • Inspiration and instructions from the adidas Runtastic Blog

Find this and a whole lot more interesting information in the new guide. Download the free fitness guide now and start your bodyweight training!


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