Build Explosive Power with this Box Jump Workout (+ Tips)

There are plenty of ways to add variety to box jump workouts and go beyond just jumping up onto something with both feet. We’ll show you some exercises to make your workouts more interesting and improve your balance and coordination:

Design your own box jump workout

How you plan your box jump workout is totally up to you. It could look like this:

  • Variation 1Tabata Interval Training: 45 second workout, 15 second break. You can make workout periods longer according to your own fitness and motivation level. 
  • Variation 2 – Repetition based: Choose 4 or 5 exercises and start with 6 reps per exercise. Repeat the set three times. 
  • Variation 3 – Integrate individual box jump exercises into your regular workout: Do between 8 and 12 reps.

1. Lateral Hop

Stand next to the box and jump onto it from this position. Repeat the jump a few times before you switch sides.

2. Lateral Twist Hop

Stand next to the box and turn 90° when you jump. You should land on the box facing forward.

3. Lateral Shuffle

Jump sideways up onto the box, take a short side step on the box, and jump down on the other side. Repeat this a few times without a break.

4. Rocket Jumps

Step up on the box with one leg and pull the other knee up with a hop. Repeat. 

5. Lateral Step-up to Core Twist

Step sideways onto the box with your left leg. When you stand up, lift your right knee up toward your left shoulder. Repeat this a few times and then switch sides.

6. Step-up to reverse Lunge

Step onto the box with one leg and stand up. Then step down backwards with the other leg into a lunge. The foot you started with stays on the box.


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