Brand New: Our Running Leaderboard On

You always beat your 5K training times in an official race? Of course you do! This is because you don’t only run WITH others, but also AGAINST them. The thought of competition makes us automatically run faster and better. Are you up for a friendly competition with your running buddy or a co-worker? Well, we’ve got a little something for you…


Turn on competition mode to boost your motivation and push your limits even during your training runs because, as of now, you can compare your runs to your friends’ on! The new Running Leaderboard provides an overview of your weekly or monthly milage. Do you think you can beat your friend from the running group? Not sure? The new leaderboard knows the answer! Every single kilometer or mile ran by you and your friends is tracked and ranked. The one with the highest number of kilometers/miles covered by the end of the week (no matter how fast) will get to climb the virtual winners’ podium. You’re not among the top three yet? Head out for a run – maybe you can catch up and improve your ranking by the end of the week!

We know that every runner is different – you don’t run like your friends. There might be faster and slower runners, and everyone has their own running style. However, regular training runs help keep you fit and healthy, that’s for sure. Many runners feel the need to train towards a goal to gather motivation for regular runs. And, when training to improve, we want to share our success with others. Rankings, results and podiums are fascinating. A victory (but also just seeing results) can boost our motivation and make us love running even more. Competition is good for business and (healthy) competition is good for your training, too. It helps you give it your all.

5 reasons your leaderboard helps you give your very best:

      • Comparisons boost motivation – Motivation is just as important for your running performance as your interval training
      • Success intensifies emotions and drive – You’re the only one to break the 30K limit this week? Your runner’s soul will remember this – and boost your self-confidence. You can do this!
      • A little means a lot – During a competition, we surpass ourselves, give it our all, develop a strength we didn’t even know we had. Competitive training can have similar, positive effects on our running performance.
      • Get focused, get thrilled – With a goal in mind, it’s easier to lace up and do your weekly training sessions.
      • Competition is fun – Comparing yourself to others is fun and mixes up your training routine & analysis.

Friendly competition between yourself and your friends is a great way to motivate each other to reach a certain milage. The new Runtastic Running Leaderboard shows you who’s the hardest working runner, plus it allows you to look up past accomplishments. Were you able to increase your milage compared to the past week? Did you improve your ranking compared to the past month?

Hard work pays off – push your limits & gain motivation with our leaderboard!

So… do you like the new leaderboard? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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