Burn More Calories: 7 Burpee Variations for Your Next Workout

Young people working out outside

Even though burpees are a nightmare for many people (and believe us, we understand!), they really have a lot of benefits. Burpees are the perfect full-body workout and burn tons of calories.

You don’t know how to do burpees the right way? Or you’re familiar with them and love/hate them? Either way, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll show you the amazing things burpees can do and how to do them properly. Whether you like them or not, burpees are a fantastic exercise.

Benefits of burpees

  • Strengthen the abs and core
  • Work your upper body and lower body
  • Require multiple muscle groups which leads to more calories burned!
  • Boost your cardio and muscular endurance
  • Strengthen your willpower to push your limits
  • Fit in great high-intensity workouts with an afterburn effect
  • Require the whole body to work together in a functional way

On top of that, you can notice fast improvements in your fitness level if you do burpees regularly. At first it might be hard to do 5, but soon you’ll be rocking 20 in a row! Don’t skip burpees – they will boost your confidence and motivation.


There’s no ideal number of repetitions for burpees. You can use them as a standalone HIIT workout (do as many reps as you can with good form) or just follow the prescribed repetitions in your adidas Training app plan. Once a week, count how many burpees you can do in one minute. This can serve as a great “test” of your fitness level.

7 burpee variations you have to try

1. 4-Count Burpees

This is the most basic variation of a burpee. Start here if you don’t know how to do burpees. If you’re a beginner, you can always step your feet out one at a time instead of jumping them both out together.

2. Flat Out Burpees

This burpee variation takes you all the way down to the ground! These are tough, but you can do ‘em!

3. 6-Count Burpees

Here’s where we add the push-up! You can always drop to your knees for the push-up if you need too.

4. Flat Out Burpee Tuck Jumps

As if Flat Out Burpees weren’t hard enough, we’re topping this one off with a Tuck Jump. This variation is a calorie burning machine.

5. Narrow 6-Count Burpees

This burpee variation targets your triceps during the push-up. This is a great exercise to burn fat and tone up flabby arms. As mentioned in #3, going to the knees for this push-up variation is completely fine.

6. One Legged 4-Count Burpees L/R

Balance, core control, and coordination are all needed here. Take it slowly and try to balance the entire time. You’ll definitely notice that your balance & coordination is much stronger on one side.

7. Ultimate Burpees

This is the king of burpees! For all you bodyweight training addicts out there, you’ll definitely love this move. Don’t forget to keep your core extra tight!

If you struggle through the sets of burpees in your adidas Training app plan, remember the symbolism that burpees provide. When we get knocked down, we get right back up! No matter how many times we fall down, we can manage to get up even when it’s hard. Remember this during the tough times.

We hope this inspired you to try out some burpees during your next workout! Even if you’re not the biggest fan of burpees, they really are a great exercise to get you in tip-top shape!


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