New: Improved Calorie Calculator in the Runtastic App

Calorie calculation in Runtastic App

Running, biking, or skiing – do you want to know how many calories you burn doing sports? Track your fitness activities with the Runtastic app. We take your feedback seriously, which is why calories are now being calculated even more accurately. This means that elevation you’ve covered (e.g. while mountain biking) or activities while resting (e.g. sitting on the ski lift) are also counted now.

Calorie calculation in app

How are the calories measured?

We personalized the calculation even more based on the latest scientific methods. Heart rate is now included if you use a device to record it during your workout. Plus, the new calorie calculator is based on the metabolic equivalent of task (MET). This makes it possible to compare the energy burned for different activities:

1 MET equals the energy cost of 1 cal per kg of body weight per hour
(this is the energy expenditure of the body while at rest)
or an oxygen cost of 3.5 ml per kg of body weight per minute.(1)

Calorie calculation in the Runtastic app: how can you improve its accuracy?

The more data available, the more accurate the calculation of consumed calories will be:

  • Personal user data: weight, height, age, gender, heart rate
  • Workout data: activity, duration, distance

If you want to be precise, track your activities during the workout with the Runtastic app and, if possible, use a heart rate monitor. Why? Entering the activity manually does not factor in the characteristics of the route – the result is distorted.

Don’t worry…

Protecting your privacy is our top priority. You can rest assured that we will not share your personal information.

Here are a few examples of fitness activities: old vs. new calorie calculation

The examples are based on the following data: a male user, 32 years old, weighs 75 kg, and is 182 cm tall.


  • The user runs at an average heart rate of 166 in the summer.
    Old calorie calculation: 423 cal
    New calorie calculation:  540 cal
  • The user runs the same distance in the winter at an average heart rate of 124.
    Old calorie calculation:  423 cal
    New calorie calculation:  321 cal

Mountain bike (uphill)

  • The user goes mountain biking at a speed of 6.77 km/h for 36 minutes with 413 m of elevation gain.
    Old calorie calculation:  182 cal
    New calorie calculation: 407 cal

Skiing (incl. sitting on ski lift)

  • The user goes skiing. Doing this, he spends 19 minutes on the ski lift and covers a distance of 3.19 km and ~ 1100 meters of elevation gain.
    Old calorie calculation: 151 cal
    New calorie calculation: 36 cal

The calculation was not only improved for the sports running, cycling, mountain biking, and skiing, but also for the activities walking, hiking, snowboarding, jogging, cross-country skiing, speed skiing, ice skating, inline skating, rowing, nordic walking, swimming, riding, using an exercise machine, and road biking.



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