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8 Fitness Essentials for Your Vacation Suitcase (Plus Checklist!)

Your well-earned vacation is finally here and it’s time to pack your suitcase. You want to travel as light as possible without missing any of the essentials. With this checklist, you should have everything you need for a couple of runs or short workouts.

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Shorts, tights, jogging pants…whatever you prefer! Can’t really exercise without them 😉

Sports bra, shirt or tank top. Functional shirts are quick and easy to wash by hand. Plus, because they dry fast, they are ready to wear again within a few hours.

Your shoes are also perfect for a tour of the city, a hike in the surrounding countryside or on a bike trip. But you can also take them off and try running barefoot on the beach.

This way you avoid blisters from running.

In case it gets cooler.

So you can keep your hands free during all your activities without having to leave your smartphone behind.

Especially if you are heading south, your skin has to get used to the stronger sun. Sunscreen and/or a hat couldn’t hurt.

Whether at the beach or on a city tour: you need to stay hydrated. Your water bottle can come in handy on more than just your runs.

And now there is just one last thing to say: We wish you a wonderful vacation and lots of unforgettable experiences!

P.S.: You can also use Runtastic abroad – without any additional charges.

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