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Everything You Need to Know About Running a 10K Race

I am a runner. Not because I am super fast, run ultra-marathons or have the perfect technique. I am simply a runner because I like to run. I started running in college to get rid of stress and to take breaks during studying. I eventually went on to run 5K and 10K races, all the way up to half-marathons. And, trust me, I made so many mistakes: I didn’t train properly, I injured my knee, I didn’t allow my knee to fully recover, I tried the gummy gel things – so many learnings.

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So, I thought it would be great to compile my learnings (and consult with the experts) to bring you this 6-part video series on the Runtastic Fitness Channel: everything you need to know about running a 10K race! A 10K is a big feat for a lot of us, including myself. And, if you don’t prepare properly, you could end up making the same mistakes that I did.

Part 1: Everything You Need to Know About Running a 10K Race
Get an overview of everything you need to know to have a successful 10K race. In this video, we cover the basics.

Part 2: 10K 101 – Tips for Beginners & Training Plan Do’s and Don’ts
When should you start training? What should a proper training plan look like? We’ve got all the answers for you right here.

Part 3: The Best Cross-Training Workout for Runners
Strengthen up your legs and core with this great bodyweight training workout. It’s important that you strength train if you want to be a better runner and minimize your risk of injury.

Part 4: The Perfect Warm-up and Cool Down for a 10K Race
Your warm-up and cool down are critical parts of your runs. We know it might be a bit boring – but don’t skip it! Here’s the perfect pre- and post-run routine.

Part 5: How To Choose the Perfect Running Gear & Clothes
Wow, I’ve made a ton of mistakes when it comes to this topic! Learn which materials are best for running clothes and how to know which running shoe is right for you.

Part 6: What to Eat Before & After Running a 10K
Your food is your fuel. You wouldn’t go on a road trip without first putting gas in your car, right? So, be sure to check out this video so you know which foods are a go and a no-go before and after you run.

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Lunden Souza

Lunden Souza is a Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist & the Runtastic Fitness Coach. This California native started out as an at-home personal trainer in Orange County, California for 5 years, then moved to work at Runtastic headquarters in Austria in March 2014. She inspires Runtastics worldwide with weekly fitness, nutrition and wellness tips via the Runtastic Fitness Channel on YouTube. She loves to do yoga, cook, run in the sun and go for long bike rides listening to her favorite podcasts.
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