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Runtastic for Apple Watch: We’re Bringing Back the Second Screen

First things first: You want the second screen feature back, we’re on it!

We received a lot of feedback that you really miss the Apple Watch as a second screen feature for your Runtastic app. When creating the Runtastic standalone app for Apple Watch, we really thought this was the feature you were looking for. However, we’ve realized that you want both!

Therefore, we are bringing back the second screen for Apple Watch in December. We really appreciate your patience and your dedication to our brand. Please know that your feedback is really important to us and the only way we can make your experience the best one ever!

Runtastic standalone app for Apple Watch

We’re excited to announce that Apple Watch users can now enjoy Runtastic as a standalone app right on the wrist – yep, without bringing your phone. You might remember a couple years ago when we announced that you could use Apple Watch as a second (and more convenient!) display for your Runtastic app, but that meant you had to take your phone with you, too. While that was great and innovative at the time, we’re always looking to level up. Now as long as you’re wearing your beloved Apple Watch, you can continue to track your activities using the Runtastic app and leave your phone at home.

Tracking has never been so easy

Do you want to go for a run? Just open the Runtastic app on your Apple Watch and press “Start”’. Your activity type is already predefined as running, but you can always change it to walking, hiking, cycling, mountain or road biking. As you’re heading out the door, you realize that it’s starting to rain a bit? No problem! Thanks to Water Lock, the watch face will be locked and raindrops won’t change your settings or accidentally stop your activity. Worry less, run more 🙂

During your run

After each kilometer or mile, your watch will vibrate and tell you how fast you’re going. If you would also like to check your heart rate, the value is shown on your main screen. If you swipe to the right, you can either tap and pause, stop the activity or activate the water lock.

  • Running/Auto Pause
  • Distance
  • Duration
  • Heart Rate
  • Pace (replaced with Speed in kph for biking activities)

Your workout is finished – awesome!

You’ve successfully completed your workout. Of course, you’re interested in your stats, aren’t you? Analyze duration, distance, average pace and heart rate as well as calories burned. What else? As an avid Apple Watch user, you know about “the Exercise rings” and are probably eager to get them filled. The good news is that your Runtastic activities you’ve tracked count towards the rings – new for watchOS 4.


watchOS 4

One of many reasons we’re delivering this update is the release of watchOS 4. Especially for this launch, we’ve made it easy for you to share your activity details with friends. Just show your watch to your colleague (without taking it off or turning it around) and flip the watch face forward – the display and values shown will turn automatically. You’ll also see your activities in Apple Health.

We still support Series 1, but due to the missing GPS receiver, we cannot show a trace. But steps and distance are tracked as usual.

Good to know:

You will need both iOS 11 and watchOS 4 to use the Runtastic standalone app on your Apple Watch.

We hope you enjoy using the Runtastic app straight from your Apple Watch!


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  • kärntnabua

    Though I know it’s called RUNtastic, I use it mostly for cycling. On the new OS 4 app, I don’t have the option to change my “recent activities,” and it doesn’t seem to pick up that I haven’t run, using the phone app, in years. Since I’m on the “Series 0,” I wonder if this new app is going to be as useful as the companion app that measured my heart rate and sent data to the phone that I used as my GPS. Help would be appreciated!

    • tomo360

      Same here, new app is useless for biking and hiking. We have to force Runtastic team to bring the old app back.

  • Cas

    So because of this update, I can no longer start a run from my watch and get audio feedback through my bluetooth headphones? Or start a run from my phone and see anything on my watch? What if I still want to carry my phone because I use Spotify for music?

    This update forced me to switch to another running app althogether – one that actually plays well with my Apple Watch, iPhone, and wireless headphones as a coherent experience, but gives me the the OPTION to leave my phone behind, while retaining support for bluetooth headphones.

    • Runtastic Team

      The standalone app allows you to start, pause and finish your run directly on the watch. You no longer need to bring your phone with you. If you are experiencing difficulties with the feature, please contact our Support Team directly 🙂 To make it possible to offer our users the standalone Apple Watch app, we did have to remove some features, including the voice coach.
      For more info please click here:

      • Ian Gosselin

        Ya right, but we can’t start program from the Applewatch. We just can start a simple run. How can a continue my loose weight program or my 10k program with the applewatch only. I can use my iPhone but when I run, I no longer use my applewatch to check my heart rate and pace. Are you fixing the app ?

        • Runtastic Team

          Hi there, we are working hard on new features and updates. Stay tuned!

  • Andrea Lamonato

    I can’t use anymore the apple watch as a “second monitor”?

    • Runtastic Team

      Thanks for your feedback! The standalone app has replaced the original Apple Watch app. This means that the Apple Watch app is no longer a “second monitor” and it isn’t possible to have the data on your phone and the watch at the same time whilst tracking. You can now instead set up, start, pause and finish your activity directly on the watch and sync the activity to your phone app once your finished.

      • William Bremner

        This feels like a step back, for me anyway. I actually WANT to use it as a “second monitor”, not least because the new “Standalone” app does not include cycling as an activity, which I was using on the former version. If I can’t use it as a “second monitor” (or companion), will you at least be re-instating Cycling as an activity option? Right now it has Running / Walking / Hiking.

        My only other option is to revert to the earlier version.

  • Jonathan Pattin

    Can we use the app as the older companion app?
    As a series 0 owner, I feel very frustrated. I used to run having my iPhone in my bag or pocket, that way I could have all the data I wanted on my wrist and still have GPS and elevation info recorded on my iPhone. I hope the is a solution.

    • Runtastic Team

      Thanks for your feedback! The standalone app has replaced the original Apple Watch app. This means that the Apple Watch app is no longer a “companion app” and it isn’t possible to have the data on your phone and the watch at the same time whilst tracking. You can now instead set up, start, pause and finish your activity directly on the watch and sync the activity to your phone app once you’re finished.

  • Giampi

    Meanwhile Android Wear app is such a barebone app,not deserving the name Runtastic

  • agitpropre

    Folks, the standalone app might make sense if that was the ONLY set of options that runners want. But I use several different iPhone apps as I run – for instance so I can listen to the radio instead of music. You have broken that relationship with the iPhone. Back to iSmoothRun, I guess.
    Here’s a marketing tip: ask your clients what they want rather than imposing what you THINK they might want. You have my email address; you could have asked.
    So long…

  • Wes Powers

    I have a series one watch with no GPS. I have paid for a premium runtastic membership to use the preprogrammed training programs. How do I get the new app to load my paid for programs? If I can’t, why can I not at least use the watch app as a second monitor while still carrying my phone? There is no excuse for this.

    • Runtastic Team

      The standalone Apple Watch app can no longer be used in conjunction with the Runtastic app on the phone. Whereas previously you could use the Apple Watch app as a second screen during your run, the app now only works independently from the phone.

  • James LeBlanc

    I am still confused by this text in the Runtastic blog… “We still support Series 1, but due to the missing GPS receiver, we cannot show a trace. But steps and distance are tracked as usual.”

    How does Runtastic track distance/steps with a Series 1 watch? Is it like a pedometer and “approximate” distance based upon steps? Does it use the GPS from the iPhone if nearby? Does it still show the running route taken in the Runtastic app on the iPhone after the run is complete?

    Also, I am still confused by this text in the Runtastic blog… “After each kilometer or mile, your watch will vibrate and TELL you how fast you’re going.”

    If I pair my bluetooth headphones with the Apple Watch and play music from my Apple Watch, will it still provide voice coach at each mile? From your words in your blog text, it appears as if it will TELL you my running speed verbally.

    • Runtastic Team

      Please note: We’re looking forward to your feedback and suggestions in the comments section, but we can’t answer support inquiries on the blog. Please open a support ticket if you require support, thanks!

  • Marcelo

    I think by making it a standalone app you have reduced the value of your iPhone app immensely. In addition I would like to select activities on the Apple Watch which do not involve cycling, mountain biking and road biking. The GPS on the iPhone is much better than the GPS on the Apple Watch as well (really the Apple Watch is more of a backup device when it is impractical to be running around with a phone). By decoupling these two apps you have broken them both.
    Until I am able to change the activities on the Apple Watch or fix the iPhone app to take data from the phone I will be unable to use either app (on the watch and phone) and will not be renewing my subscription. I am not willing to go out and pay for additional equipment when other rival apps can manage to provide the option between standalone and linked apps. The reason I liked runtastic is that it has a nice interface compared to rivals and the phone and watch worked together.
    You may want to look at how some of your rivals give the option of choosing standalone tracking on the watch or integrated tracking and see if you can work something out without being sued. Hopefully the next version of your app fixes this.

  • William Bremner

    When I try and start an activity in the new Runtastic app on Apple Watch (e.g. Cycling) I get the following message:

    “Login to start your Apple Watch experience with Runtastic”

    Where do I need to login?

    • Runtastic Team

      Thanks for getting in touch with us. This topic is not our team’s specialty, but if you send your request directly to our Runtastic support platform, by logging into your Runtastic account and following this link, our hard-working team will get back to you with a solution as soon as possible.

  • Joshua Monda

    Not sure why my last comment is not showing but also I have noticed that when I swipe to the right I am not seeing the water lock option. BTW I think this is a great feature because I have often had some issues in rain but again it is not showing up on my watch

  • Faber

    I use the apple watch sport 0 series , can I use runtastic for cycling?

    • Runtastic Team

      Please note: We’re looking forward to your feedback and suggestions in the comments section, but we can’t answer support inquiries on the blog. Please open a support ticket if you require support, thanks!

  • Archer

    Your point is valid. The option to choose stand alone or link is very viable

  • Luis Arturo Martinez Figueroa

    I’m sorry, but with this update I really feel you didn’t make the right move. I have an Apple Watch Series One, and now I have to choose between measuring my HR (without hearing the zone shifting) OR seeing my trace on the map. I had both benefits before, and somehow, you just decided to separate them. That’s not fair… I even paid for a PREMIUM subscription and now I regret it. Please give us an option to get back to normal, iPhone-linked app. Thank you.

  • vladimir latorre

    I can’t belive this downgrade of your app. As far as the app on the iphone is not linked to the watch i cant trace my heart using the iphone and all my activities are indoor so i can’t use the watch because is limited to outdoor activities. I have paid for a year and i wasn´t notified that those changes were coming, now i have a 10 months of a suscription that is useless. please link the watch and the iphone again at least as an option. as you can see there are a lot of customs with the same issue and you cant keep answering “The standalone Apple Watch app can no longer be used in conjunction with the Runtastic app on the phone. Whereas previously you could use the Apple Watch app as a second screen during your run, the app now only works independently from the phone.”

    • Runtastic Team

      Dear Vladimir, thank you for your honest feedback. We will forward it to our product managers.

      Your Runtastic Team

      • Marcin Maciukiewicz

        Are you going to do anything with it? I’ve just reinstalled the app three times because I thought it was broken. Ability of showing the heart rate during running was crucial and was of major incentive to buy your subscription. I agree with all posts here this isn’t an improvement. If you aren’t going to fix it just let us know.

        • Pietro Paolo Ciottoli

          I agree. With Apple Watch 1 without GPS, runtastic stand-alone is useless, if you use it on the iPhone you don’t have heart rate. You made your app almost useless, please solve this issue or I will be forced to look for an alternative.

        • Seth Goldberg

          Ditto. I reinstalled everything because I thought something was broken. Kicking off a run using the phone is required if you want to use features such as “challenge”, which I really like. Not being able to use the watch in real-time for HR tracking, stats, etc… in that scenario kills a lot of the value. Furthermore, not being able to use the watch app to track HR for indoor activities is a blow as well. Is there a way to downgrade back to the last version?

      • flash

        this is terrible, downgrade solution you made in last update. standalone app on apple watch is mostly useless, if you aren’t doing few of the predefined outside sports. give us the end date when this will be fixed, or prepare that you’ll lose large number of your users with apple watch.

    • Emmy Castelain

      I have the same problem! When i do sports inside the house (eg. crosstrainer) i’m no longer able to check my heart-rate and zones with my apple watch! :'(

  • Rob Baggerman

    In my opinion making it a standalone app makes it useless for me, previous i used it as a second screen during my runs showing HR (measured by BT hart-rate monitor which is more accurate than apple watch HR), time, speed and of course start and stop the activities (interval etc) while my phone was in it’s pouch. This major downgrade in functionality now forces me te switch my apple watch (original model) before runs for my ancient polar watch to just see accurate HR and of course I have to fiddle starting and stopping the Runtastic iPhone app by getting it out of the pouch and back in again while the run was already started…. I was just thinking about re-enabling my premium account but now it seems that I’m forced to search for another app that at least gives you the option to use it as second screen or standalone (with almost no features)

  • Runtastic Team

    Please note: We’re looking forward to your feedback and suggestions in the comments section, but we can’t answer support inquiries on the blog. Please open a support ticket if you require support, thanks!

  • Runtastic Team

    Please note: We’re looking forward to your feedback and suggestions in the comments section, but we can’t answer support inquiries on the blog. Please open a support ticket if you require support, thanks!

  • Basil Aribi

    I am so disappointed to see that Runtastic Apple Watch doesn’t support indoor activity tracking anymore. Not only that, when I use Runtastic Pro iPhone app to track indoor, it doesn’t read heart rate from Apple Watch any more. I have been using Runtastic for close to 4 years. I loved it because I was tracking, my indoor and outdoor workout in one place. When I do strength workout indoor, I still can look at the Apple Watch, and see time elapsed, calories burnt and heart rate. Now that’s not avialable anymore.

    I am sorry to see Runtastic abandons their existing users to chase a feature that doesn’t have real value for most Apple Watch users, “Standalone”. Who really needs to leave the phone at home. First you have to have Apple Watch Series 3 to be able to stay connected. Second, carrying the phone is not a problem for most people. A $5 belt would solve the problem, if you don’t have a pocket.

    Runtastic, you made the wrong decision. The predominantly negative feedback from Apple Watch users is a testimony to that. I hope you fix it

  • Tamás Meskó

    Runtastic team,
    Could not agree more with the others. First I thought this was just a bug. Now I see, that you just don’t care about the needs of your customers. I want to use my runtastic app the same way as I did before. I am sorry but if you don’t make a 180 degree turn here I will leave the runtastic ecosystem. Please note that the lifespan of an apple watch is not the same as of an iPhone. We will not be changing our apple watches every 2nd year. You ever wonder why apple keeps the series one available for sale on At best people would only change their apple watches like every 5th year on average. Even for the power users who bought apple watch 3 would not want to go this way as using the apple watch as a stand alone device would drain the battery in 2 hours because of LTE and GPS. So a regular Joe could not track his marathon with your solution. Think about it. I am afraid that if you don’t fix this, I will have to look for other solutions at your competitors. I am really hoping you will come to your senses soon.

  • James

    Really not happy with what they have done here. I was forced to move to Runkeeper over the last 6 months due to limited Apple Watch integration. Runkeeper allows Watch Only and Linked modes allowing you to use the iPhone’s GPS in areas where the watch can’t get a strong enough signal. This should be the same functionality offered in Runtastic; not this crippled unlinking that has been delivered.

    My subscription renewed the day after this blog and have only just been able to update to iOS 11/OS4. Refund request incoming; last activity with Runtastic 18/04/17 and can’t see me using it anytime soon :(. So disappointed…

  • Bogdan Dimitriu

    Dear Runtastic team, please help me with this issue: i have apple watch 2 and I can use on Runtastic only 6 sport type (running, walking, etc). If I whant to add one more what shud I do?

    • Runtastic Team

      Hi Bogdan, it is only possible to track running, walking, hiking and biking with the standalone app at the moment.

  • Arjan

    With this new standalone app I cannot start and stop my selfmade interval training via the Applewatch. I think this is a downgrade for Runtastic. If this issue can not be solved I have to find another app. Although I use Runtastic fo years now. It would be great if I could select mij selfmade interval training via the standalone app. By the way: I still have to use my phone because of the coaching, which is not a problem for me

  • Mark van Dam

    I can’t believe that you make this choice. This upgrade makes this app useless for me. I used the runtastic app pro in combination with my apple watch 1. It worked super. Now I cannot choose the training I want (there fewer choices than on the app), i cannot use it in combination with my phone. And the “advantage” of not having the phone with me when i am running is for me not an advantage at all because I will never run outside without my phone, just for security, so I can phone someone for help in case needed. Sorry, i was a huge fan, uses it a lot, i really hope that you give us the old functionality back…

    • Runtastic Team

      Dear Mark, thanks for your feedback. We are very sorry you feel this way!

      Your Runtastic Team

  • CDV Bassist

    This update is a big disappointment anyone with a Series 1 Apple Watch. The Series 1 is still very much a current model and will still be on sale over the next year. Where I used to put my phone in my pocket and use the watch to track and trace my run, I just can’t do this now. I can’t use my watch for tracking heart rate whilst doing indoor activities. This is so shortsighted. I’ve been a Runtastic customer for 3 years now and own quite a few of your apps. I now have no option other than to move to another running app.

    • Runtastic Team

      We are very sorry you feel this way!

      Your Runtastic Team

    • Thomas Perrin

      I have the same issue. And I can’t use my trainings anymore…

      • Runtastic Team

        Dear Thomas, we are sorry but you can’t choose your training plans on the watch at the moment.

        Your Runtastic Team

        • Gábor Sándor

          Will you fix this? just bought the new apple watch and was hoping to only bring my watch for a run, but without the training plan being available on my watch, this is not an option anymore…

          • Runtastic Team

            Hey there, unfortunately we can’t give you any new information right now.

            Your Runtastic Team

  • CDV Bassist

    “Your activity type is already predefined as running, but you can always change it to walking, hiking, cycling, mountain or road biking.”

    Nope, I only get the option of Running, Walking or Hiking. How do I get these other options on my watch?

    • Runtastic Team

      Hey, you can change the activity directly in the Runtastic app on your watch.

      Your Runtastic Team

  • Gerrit de Graaf

    The update of the Apple Watch app makes it useless to me. I think everything about it is being said in this discussion so I’m just going to place a +1 here

  • Dan Feel Roberts

    What surprises me more about this thread is not the fact that so many people like myself have now suddenly found ourselves out in the cold with regards to iPhone / Apple Watch / Runtastic App integration, but the way that Runtastic seem to be replying to the quotes. They seem quite flippant towards the subject, without anyone looking to try and bridge the gap from where we are and particularly how they have just sprung this on us and we “have to deal with it”. Bye bye Runtastic.

  • Davide Rossi

    Bad upgrade.. I can’t use it anymore for cycling. I use to track everything and start the activity easy with the apple watch, and watch everything after on my iPhone.. and now? Nothing , if i use the iPhone i can’t track my heart beat. why? such useless now…

  • Paul

    Hi, the fact that my polar bluetooth heart rate monitor no longer works with Runtastic on the watch is a deal breaker for me. Also can’t seem to select Gym/weight training Workout either.

  • Paul

    Runtastic it seems most people do not like the standalone watch app. My watch is only a year or so old. However if I do a 10 or 12 mile run in the evening the watch battery can only just cope before it needs a top up charge. I am doing a half marathon next week and am worried that the battery will run out. Please at least offer an alternative similar to what was on offer when we paid for our Pro subscription.

  • Jessica Cashman

    This is probably one of the worst things you could have done. I use Runtastic not only for my runs (and I’m on a Series 1 watch)) but also for HIT workouts at home. Now my heart rate won’t be tracked for legitimate workouts I do at home that aren’t running because it’s not an option on the watch. Why offer so many workout options on your phone and so few on the watch? By separating them in to two separate apps, I’m FAR less likely to use this app. I regret purchasing it and will now have to find an app that is connected on both phone and watch. We do more than run! And some of us will always run with our phone! I loved the fact that the phone and watch were connected. Your ability to be an overall workout app is now gone and I’ll have to replace Runtastic. You’ve just lost another customer.

  • Kimberly Yurisich

    Like everyone else here I have to voice how disappointed I am in the downgrade to your app. Previously it was brilliant for tracking my heart rate during my personal training sessions – and now it is USELESS. Like other customers I had bought the pro version along with some of your other apps and was an evangelist for your company. Now I have to go to another company. Really poor understanding of what your customers want and value

  • If your standalone app cannot show routes, play music inside app, do audio coaching, etc.. I will never use it.
    I run from work to home so I will have to carry my iphone with me everytime.
    And in my opinion, runners who hate to carry things with them, like mobile phones, will rarely use smart watches neither.

  • Ed Kroll

    Sorry Runtastic, this new standalone watch app is useless. I have a series 1 watch and loved the fact that I could use the watch as my primary screen and put my phone away when mountain biking (since you refuse to make a Watch app for Runtastic MountainBike for some reason). Now, it’s pretty useless to me. No trace is bad. The watch app for me gives me only options for running, walking and hiking (recently used), which is bogus because I mainly use Runtastic for mountain biking. The watch app also refuses to go away and constantly shows as running in the background (little icon on the top of the watch). So unhappy with this update. Used it on a ride today and it failed to track just about everything. You’ve broken everything that I liked about the apps on both the phone and watch.

    • Runtastic Team

      Hi Ed, we are very sorry you feel this way.

      Your Runtastic Team

  • Basil Aribi

    I already, expressed my disappointment with the new “upgrade” a few days ago. The reasons for for my disappointment were that first, I became unable to monitor my progress during my gym training on the watch any more, and second, because Runtastic iPhone app stopped reading heart rate on the apple watch. Nevertheless, I took the “standalone” to the test doing hiking. The app was working fine. Apparently it was reading the GPS from the phone, and giving me the metrics that I needed to see. However to my disappointment, the watch battery went from 100% to dead after less than 4 hours of hiking. I use series 1 watch. Not sure if the newer watches (series 2 & 3) do better, but for series 1 users the standalone app seems to shorten the watches battery life.

    Finally, I am surprised to see Runtastic Team is not responding to users feedback other than saying that they are sorry or asserting the obvious. If Runtastic team is interested in users feedback and suggestions, then I can summarize it in a few words. (1) Roll back to the previous version which was usable by all apple watch users (series 0 to 3) indoor and outdoor. (2) Re-introduce the “standalone” as an an attractive option for series 3 users who wants to do outdoors without carrying their phones. You will please both worlds.

  • Felix Cheang

    Although I have been looking forward to the standalone app without having to bring my iphone together when running but I am disappointed in how this option was realized!

    1) Instead of providing options to me to either go standalone mode or as companion to my iphone, with this update, I am forced to only have standalone option. If I bring along my phone, no HR data sharing between my watch and phone during running, which is a huge disappointment to me.

    2) for standalone mode, only a handful of activities are available. No interval or training plan available. Suggestion: use iphone to set the activities option and then sync it to the watch. Just look at how TomTom did it with their apps and their watch apps.

    If Runtastic can fixed/realized these two suggestions, it will be a perfect apps to me.

  • Dave

    Dear Runtastic team: I’ve been a loyal and happy user for many years. During that time, I have appreciated the innovations you have continued to implement. The app always continued to be more useful and valuable with each release. However, by eliminating the companion app for Apple Watch, you have made a strategic mistake. It is baffling. But it’s not too late and I’m hoping someone at a higher level than the ‘moderator’ is paying attention. CEO Florian Gschwandtner, you have a unique opportunity here. Many long term and loyal customers are giving you DETAILED feedback on how the recent update has impacted them. As an IT manager, I know it is extremely rare to get detailed feedback like this voluntarily. Most pissed off users simply stop using the product that’s pissed them off, and they go elsewhere. People here are telling you precisely what the problems are and providing suggestions for how you could resolve them. You should capitalize on that.

    I truly hope you take all of this critical feedback seriously, and take meaningful action. Moving forward as-is without consideration for this feedback will absolutely reflect in your attrition metrics (if you’re tracking that). It will also impact app reviews, which is a significant consideration for new users who will choose between your product or that of your competitors. So… the gauntlet has been thrown… do you want to continue to be the best? If you do, then listen to the people who make your paychecks possible. Make the watch app ‘companion/2nd monitor’ friendly again.

    Bonus Tip for the ‘moderator’: stop saying “we are very sorry you feel this way”. That is not an actual acknowledgement, and doesn’t come close to resembling a genuine apology of any sort. It’s insulting to your client base. Not just the ones who have taken the time to post in this thread, but the hundreds who are reading these posts and not commenting.

    • Runtastic Team

      Dear Dave, thanks for your comment. We are working very hard on new features. Please stay tuned!

      • Dave

        Staying tuned! Thanks for listening ?

      • Prasanna Obadage

        It is great you are working hard on new features; what about the features that you removed from the product?

      • Basil Aribi

        I think you need to fix what you broke as fast as possible, and add new features later. Runtastic Product Management should focus on the “user” not the “product” to avoid loosing users. I am sure many Apple Watch users are being forced to switch to other apps. I for one started using Apple Watch native Workout to track my gym training, while I continued to use Runtastic form my outdoors. Doing so, I lost Runtastic as my one place to track all of my activities, but I didn’t have a choice. I hope Runtastic team is listening and learning not to alienate loyal users in the future.

    • Emmy Castelain

      Well said!!

    • Luigi Aversa

      Thanks Dave. Hope they will listen to you and all of us, who gave them feedback about the Version 7.5.

    • Thomas Perrin

      No news and we still have the same issues… Do you have another app to do some interval trainings? Before that, Runtastic was the best for me…

  • Alfredo Tommaselli

    only standalone? why? Now it’s a downgrade….

    I have noted the new standalone system of runtastic with the apple watch. It’s a important development but currently it’s yet really incomplete.
    Indeed, please note that it would be better having the possibility to set the apple watch also as the previous system, i.e. as e second screen of the iphone.
    It should be a setable function. Double option. Standalone or jointly with iphone (second screen).
    Standalone and not… as already happen with many different apps (strava, nike app, etc.)
    Moreover, now it’s not possible to change the activity of the apple watch, via iphone, as previous system was able to do, for example in order to set tapis roulant, swimming, soccer, or other sport.
    In this moment Runtastic is not more the best sport app.
    Please revert and update the apple watch functions as soon as possible.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you in advance and best regards

  • Alfredo Tommaselli

    in my opinion, Runtastic should have a double function: as standalone (as now but setable with more sport) or as second screen of iphone, to promptly check the own activities and the cardio info (as previously occurred)…
    Now it is so limited…
    Maybe you could provide 2 similar but separate apps, for iOS 11 and for watchOS 4, which share the same activities database. The first one could use the apple watch as the previous system, jointly with the iphone. The second one, instead, as the current system…
    what do you think? 🙂

  • Danilo Gaviolle

    Apple Watch version one does not work with runtastic anymore, updating for standalone os4 is a crap. Moving to Strava!!!

  • Jack Morris

    One of the top selling points for your app, and the feature that got me to switch from Runkeeper (after years of use), was the second display to the primary app. The secondary display provided me with easy access to stats, showed my heart rate, and provided ability to control the music. In short, IT WAS PERFECT!

    The standalone app is useless to me, as it has none of those features. in fact, my primary app is also no longer measuring heartrate, which makes it also less effective..


    I’m rethinking keeping my premium subscription as a result of this change to the product….

  • Youjip Won

    I need an old watch app back. I am premium member. I listen to music while I am running. I use training plan of iphone app to setup my goal. I usually run for an hour. iphone app informs me in every 15 min until I am done. For all these reasons, I need to bring iphone while I am running. When I start activity with iphone, the ‘old’ watch app used to start automatically and collected the heart rate. Via making watch app independent from iphone, the watch app becomes simply dumb. To get the heart rate in my run, I need to start the iphone app and watch app separately, both of which log the activity as two independent workouts. Here’s my suggestion. It will be very easy for watch app to have two modes: independent mode and
    second screen mode. The user should be given a choice at least.

  • Paul T

    really disappointed with the forced ‘upgrade’, cannot believe the apple watch is not linked any more. This is a mistake in decision, not everyone will buy the new apple watch with sim, as it makes no point if you have a apple watch 2. There is also a lot of issues with iOS11 therefore people are holding back on the upgrade which means people who stay on iOS10 will not be able to use the runtastic app on the apple watch as it is stated in this website that the new apple standlone app will only work with iOS11 and WatchOS 4. I have now download Nike Run app as this app is still linked to the phone.

    whoever made this decision should probably re-think about doing another job as it looks like common sense is not their strong point.

  • ChuckG

    I travel for work, and workout inside and outside. I track my runs on the treadmill and while running outside. By making the WatchOS Standalone App, you ruined my reasons for becoming a RuntasticPro member. I used to have to wear a separate heart rate strap to track and log heart rates, and when Runtastic introduced tandem heart rate monitoring with the Apple Watch, I dropped carrying a Polar watch and heart rate strap to separately log runs and workouts. It was wonderful because I carry my phone for music and to listen to podcasts while I train, and using the Apple Watch in tandem with the Runtastic IOS app worked well. The logs worked well, and Runtastic became my all-in-one place to see my HR, distance, and workout logs. Because of this, I also stopped using the Pear Fitness apps because they did not incorporate the Apple Watch HR feature.
    With the latest Runtastic upgrades, my reasons for becoming a RuntasticPro member are now broken. I cannot use the Apple Watch and iPhone Runtastic Apps in tandem to monitor and track heart rates while on a treadmill or stationary bike, or while running and biking outside. Using the iPhone as a second monitor helped me to visually see zones while running or biking inside. Additionally, the audio prompts for coaching and the the audio updates of Zones, HR and distance are not integrated with the Apple Watch anymore so I no longer hear audio updates of my distance, HR, pace, and time. After my workouts, HR is no longer logged, and even with the standalone Watch App, the HR data does not show up on the Runtastic log, even after it has synced with the IOS app. Additionally, the HR sensor stays on after a workout because you have to enable the Apple Health features. Because your HR is elevated a bit after a workout, IOS things there’s something wrong with your HR, so the Watch HR sensor stays on for a long time after your workout, wasting the Apple Watch battery long after you’ve finished working out.
    I just went back to looking at Pear Fitness again, and they now have Tandem Tracking of HR using Apple Watch and their IOS iPhone app! It works great, and I now can log and track my runs inside and out, and I can use their coaching. They have great training programs, and their logging works well! I still had their upgraded membership, so I still had access to their various running programs and workouts I used when I had the Polar HR monitor. Pear Fitness WatchOS app also has the ability to do standalone workouts without the phone, and you can download the audio coaching prompts/programs to the Apple Watch to take them along with you. When you get back to inside workouts, their WatchOS app asks you if you are working out with the iPhone, and when you say yes…viola! The HR data from the Apple Watch shows up on the IOS app and I can visually see my Zones and HR, and hear coaching from the Pear Fitness IOSapp…just like Runtastic used to before they broke the integration with the latest updates.
    If Runtastic does not fix the integration of the WatchOS and tandem use of the IOS app, I will most likely drop RuntasticPro.

  • Emmy Castelain

    Can someone please do something about it?? I’m still waiting…

  • Zack Odell

    I will add my voice to the chorus. The StandAlone App for Apple Watch Series 1 is not a viable solution. Like others, I would prefer to use the Runtastic App as a companion app to the iPhone App. I have been a loyal user of Runtastic and have subscribed to the Pro version of the app. Additionally, I have recommended this app to many of my friends over Endomondo, Strava, Runkeeper, etc; it is disappointing to see such a disconnect from My Runtastic Team and the users of the software.

    I implore the users to continue to solicit and push Runtastic to resolve the issues addressed in this blog post.

  • VillageViking

    When is Runtastic going back to the good old days?

  • Andrew Oswald

    I just got my Apple Watch Series 3 in the mail. I was so excited to try the stand alone app. I was able to display the pace and duration but the watch alone refused to track mileage. The app would not record distance. The built in Apple fitness app performed these functions once I became frustrated and switched to them. Please help.

  • Benoît Darties

    Just another comment from another very disappointed and angry Apple Watch serie1 owner, who paid a pro version for a now totally useless app. Why can’t you simply just add a choice button “watch only / watch + iPhone”, and propose the old version according to the choice … as i.e. runkeeper does.

    btw : I don’t give a shit of”awesomeness features, stay tuned”, or running without my phone (that is to say without music, live feedback on earphone, a map if lost, a GPS, and a way to call emergency if I encounter a problem). What I need is only what you broke several weeks ago.

  • Fher Ramone

    “We are very sorry you feel this way!” that answer don´t fix the issue for the people who bought the app, and now we have to move to another like nike or runkeeper or strava, having all our history on runtastic, you really care about client satisfaction? its so difficult to make a rollback for the people who wants it?… we don´t want you to feel sorry for any other runtastic user, we are just asking for a solution for the app we have bought.

  • Sean Boon

    Runtastic Team,

    The decision to remove the synchronization between the watch and the phone during a run was a horrible decision. I literally can’t use the app anymore. You need to bring back the old functionality immediately. As a Product Manager myself, I can’t fathom how such a decision was made. It’s effectively ruined the product for me. I’ll have to find another app to use now.

  • isabella

    I used to be able to use Runtastic on the iwatch for tracking standup paddling ang kayaking. But know on the iwatch I can only choose from few workout types. How can I add/choose other activities?

    • Runtastic Team

      Hi Isabella, we are sorry but you are only able to choose between Running, Walking, Hiking and Biking (depending on your watch) for now.

      Your Runtastic Team

  • Greg

    Oh no what has happened! – I have been a runtastic user since 2009 nearly a 1000 miles ran, but this update has not gone well.

    The standalone Watch App has now, very limited functionality from before. I understand that you wanted to make this a standalone version that you can use without your iPhone but this has come at a big cost to all the other features now have now been removed. Statistically, how many people run without their iPhone that warrants this? I would say a small minority. It feels like this was rushed out to coincide with Watch OS4 before so it could gain publicity over this. But this release has meant that key features have been removed and it feels like a Generation 1 Release.

    – No Voice Coach anymore when using the Watch App – This is a big disappointment as no more Andrew or Julia informing me the stats as I run, I have to stare at the watch screen which isn’t the same.
    – No Multi Sports to allow for indoor tracking…so half my runs cannot not be tracked

    I could accept starting the workout from the watch if this meant it was the only way to track heart-rate (as before the update) but now if I switch back to using the iPhone as the tracker, I no longer get the heart rate. A choice I didn’t want to make.

    Given my stats and history on Runtastic, I have always resisted moving to other apps such as Strava, Runkeeper or the tons of other options out there, but i think now might be the time. I will give Runtastic a chance to update to see if this improves but if not I will make the switch which would be very disappointing but at least the usefulness returns.

  • Jan H.L. Nielsen

    Is there a workaround? My Apple Watch gen 1 still doesn’t Sync with iOS 11 nor travlt heartrate on iPhone. I could use some help!

    • Runtastic Team

      Thank you for your message. We have our own Support Team for such questions. Please log into your Runtastic account and send over your request to our Support Team via this link & they’ll get it taken care of ASAP. Stay awesome!

  • Stefan Vann

    Standalone app is a big disappointment with Apple Watch. Time to find a better app.

    • Runtastic Team

      We are very sorry you feel this way, Stefan!

      • Marcin Maciukiewicz

        Common guys. I didn’t see any good opinion about yours vision of new app. Yet yours only response is sorry you feel this way. Get together and do something or just simply stop answering at all.

  • Paul T

    Finally had to upgrade my iphone to iOS11 and watchOS4, the standalone app is useless!!! i have a training plan and I cannot use the watch app, what is the point in that??!?!?!? please bring back the old version!!!!

    • Greg

      Agreed. I’ve moved to Map My Run for my workouts now has everything I need (and miss from Runtastic) Such a shame.

  • Gavin

    Talk about taking a really good app and destroying it. It’s now a pointless waste of space on both my phone and watch. I will have no choice but to move to another app that offers what the customer wants rather than what you think they might want. A crazy decision made for unknown reasons. You had the market, you had the app, you had the fanbase and now you have in one fell swoop lost them all. I’m moving to someone else, my years of history and everything now gone.

  • Colin Cotter

    What have you done? That was a rhetorical question as the answer is – you have completely ruined a perfectly good App.
    While running the App on the AppleWatch on a stand alone basis may be good for some, it is not good for all.
    This week I have attempted to use it three times while training at home due to cracked ribs and each time it has failed miserably. Tonight it recorded the data twice, so I opted to delete one, version but on doing so Runtastic deleted both! Please, please get the App back to how it was or I’ll be off to Strava for ever!

  • Steve Hudson

    Holy crap what a stupid move. Now I have to cancel my premium account at Runtastic and find one that-works with my apple watch. Goodbye.

  • Christi P

    Are y’all planning on incorporating the training plans and story runs into the standalone app? I love Runtastic but now the app is useless for me. I use the training plans in order to train for my races. Now the only way to do that is to use my phone but then my heart rate isn’t being recorded. If I use my watch, I’m just running aimlessly with no guidance. Please incorporate the training plans into the standalone Apple Watch app ASAP. I need to continue training and I really hate to even consider another app because all my data is already in Runtastic.

    • Runtastic Team

      Hi Christi, thanks for your comment and your feedback! Unfortunately we can’t give you any information right now but we’ll forward your feedback to our Product Managers.

      Your Runtastic Team

  • Matthew Yip

    I agree most people, this standalone app makes it useless for me. I have already using other app instead of Rustatic Pro for a month. Previously I used the iwatch to control the app on iphone and monitor the status of my running. Please allows us to switch the function between the standalone and both (watch and phone). Otherwise, i will delete the app forever.

  • Nousoredessociales Losiento

    One week more and I will cancel my subscription. No heart rate possible with my Apple Watch after upset phone and watch

  • tomo360

    You had the best sport apple watch app, and now you have the worst. Yes, we want to use mirror app, we, normal people of XXI century, dont go out without our phones. Its very easy to understand for a child, why your product managers cant understand that?

  • mcjopie

    It is great you are working hard on new features; what about the features that you removed from the product? The GPS on the iPhone is much better than the GPS on the Apple Watch. My primary app is also no longer measuring heartrate! By decoupling these two apps you have broken them both! This update is forcing me to switch to another running app and quit me paid subscription.

  • tomo360

    Please understand, that most of us, want to take our phones everywhere – so we dont want stand alone app, we want mirror app.