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Shoe Tracking: How Long Will My Running Shoes Last?

The average lifespan of a pair of running shoes is 500 kilometers. After this, you should replace them to protect your joints and prevent injuries. But how do you know when you have reached 500 km? Sometimes, it is hard to tell just how many meters you have covered in your shoes. If you start using the Runtastic app now or are already tracking your runs with it, in future you will know how many kilometers you have on your shoes. Plus, when you should think about getting a new pair. Pretty handy, huh? Here are the details:

Your running shoe in your app
New, used or different models – in the Runtastic app, you can enter all your shoes and use them to track your running workouts, hiking tours or Nordic Walking sessions.

  • When you have bought a new shoe
    In the Settings of the Runtastic app, tap “My Shoes”. Here, you can select your model from a list and save it. If you can’t find your shoe, you can always add a new model plus a photograph of your shoe. After you finish an activity, you can specify which shoe you ran with. The kilometers ran will then be assigned to this shoe.

Screenshot Runtastic shoe tracking function.Screenshot Runtastic shoe tracking function.

  • For your existing shoe
    Do you already have a pair of running shoes but don’t know exactly how many kilometers you have run in them? Then you can also add them in the Settings under “My Shoes”. Specify when you started running, hiking or walking with these shoes, and the kilometers you have covered since then will be assigned automatically to your shoes.
  • When you have several shoes that you run with
    Do you like to switch between different models? No problem. You can save several different shoes in the Runtastic app. After each running activity, you can choose which pair of shoes you were using. This not only helps you stay on top of things, but it also makes it easy for you to see, for example, with which shoes you run most often, how long you have already had them or in which pair you run the fastest on average.

When you have finally reached 500 km
The Runtastic app keeps you up-to-date on the lifespan of your shoes. If you have already reached the 500-kilometer mark, the app informs you and suggests that you start looking for a new pair of shoes. New shoes for new challenges? Maybe one of these awesome running events will inspire you.

Why should you replace your shoes?
Studies on the lifespan of running shoes suggest that their ability to absorb shock diminishes over time, thus increasing the risk of injury. Cook, Kester and Brunet have found, for example, that the initial cushion of running shoes dropped to 67% after about 150 miles (240 kilometers) and further to 60% after a little more than 500 miles (800 kilometers). Another study published in the Journal of Sports Sciences has shown that as the number of miles increases, the cushioning capability of the shoes decreases, exposing your joints to greater shock and force. So if you are interested in staying injury-free, you should replace your shoes from time to time.

Picture of the Adidas Parley Shoe.

New life for your old sneakers
Do you care about sustainability? Most shoes leave a pretty big ecological shoe print. Recycling your shoes isn’t going to be easy. They are made of a wide variety of materials – leather, fabrics, metals, rubber, plastic, etc. – and everything is glued and sown together, making them difficult to separate. So why not buy a pair of shoes whose uppers are entirely made of yarns and fibers that have been recycled from trash and illegal fishing nets taken from the world’s oceans? adidas is leading the way.

Get the Runtastic app here and start tracking your fitness activities. Every step counts – and the Runtastic app keeps track of them for you.

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  • Runtastic Team

    Hi Daniel, it should be available for Android since yesterday evening 😉

  • Runtastic Team

    Hi Marc, it should be available for iOS and Android since yesterday evening.

  • bugrain

    Is this feature going to be added to the Website? I minaly use my Runtastic watch and also have two pairs of shoes on the go (road and trail). I’ve been leaving notes to say what shoes I was wearing on each run, but now all my runs show the same shoe (better than leaving all of them blank I though) and it’s really painful to go in and edit each ‘wrong’ run. Plus, I still need to go in to the app to edit the shoe, even though I can edit the run in a browser when it’s uploaded and the page is helpfully opened for me.

    • Runtastic Team

      Hi there, the feature will be added to the website, but we can’t tell you right now when this will happen!

      Your Runtastic Team

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    Is it planned to add this functionality on windows phone?

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      Dear Thomas, yes the feature will be available for windows phone too. Please have a little patience! Thanks 😉

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    no it is not there… they are just promissing