CES 2012 – Day 4

Finally the worlds larges fair in the electronics sector has an end. With the end of today the CES 2012 is closed and a lot of exhibitors are already on their way home and ship their products back to their headquarters. Finding words for the CES 2012 is not easy at all. Besides the fact that a lot of very important contacts were made, the CES presents itself very spectacular. The size of the CES is unbelievable and the presented products are on cutting edge technologies and the most innovative products on the market at the moment. The greatly arranged presentations of the products especially of the well known and already established brands is very hard to top in sence of professionality.

You also have to think of the rat tail of this convention. Over 140.000 people came to Las Vegas for this show. The normally very low tourism this town has to face in winter is stimulated a lot because of the CES and is very important for Las Vegas in winter. It was great to be a part of this convention, there have been great impressions to take with us and very important connections have been established. We are looking foward to CES 2013 and say „good buy Las Vegas, Nevada“!

runtastic regards from Las Vegas




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