Clerici’s bike

Christian Clerici rode by Ironman Austria 2011 a sensational unique bike, which was in detail elaborated with a remarkable professional Know How. The frame is from the renowned German bike manufacturer Cucuma, whose owner Dirk Merz extremely esteems the Austrian entertainer due to their long time close and friendly relationship. “I know few bike manufacturers that have so appealing and technical sophisticated products with the optimal price-performance rates in the market” The rims, locally manufactured by Xentis Mark1 Wheels, ensure the necessary lightness and adequate driving at higher speeds. The AX3000 Carbon breaks from ax-lightness, a VumaChrono 53/59 crank from Zipp and a VukaAero handle bar ensure not to carry any extra gram. “The biggest weak point on this amazing bike is the driver”, jokes Christian gladly when he is asked about his bike. The biggest highlight, however, is the design of the racer, which comes from the nozzles of the legendary Airbrushers Knud Tiroch, who also designed and painted the entire fleet of F1 Team Torro Rosso by hand. For the assembly and final adjustments, the Know How and dedicated attention to details of Hannes Fuchs from “Radfuchs”, who has a special esteem for Clerici, was needed.

But the real completion was not installed until just before the Ironman 2011: The runtastic Bike App “cyctastic” with the adequate sensor for pulse, cadence, speed and battery pack. With it were the 6:00 hours bike race no problem for live tracking or for the data transfer.  The equipment is available in the runtastic web shop:



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