Contest Deadline Extended to June 30! Can You Top Our Sample Summer Shape Submission?

Our finished run – in the shape of a sailboat!

In case you haven’t heard, runtastic’s “Gear Up for Summer” contest is going on now. We’re awarding $100 (or equivalent) debit cards to five creative fitness enthusiasts, plus runtastic t-shirts and fun swag for another 10 winners. And those of you who haven’t gotten around to entering are in luck because we’re extending the contest deadline to Saturday, June 30! That’s 10 more days to get outside and use a runtastic app to map your run, hike or bike ride – following a route that forms a summer shape. When you’re finished, send us the picture of your route (use these instructions). We’ll award the most detailed, high-quality and creative submissions shaped like summer items or activities.

Make sure to map your route before you head out. And don’t worry if your final GPS image doesn’t look quite as perfect as your plan — we’re looking for creativity!

After seeing the awesome submissions that have been rolling in, some of us here at runtastic decided to join the fun. Of course we’re not eligible to win, but we’re always up for a workout (especially during work hours) and we were eager to stretch our creative muscles as well as our leg muscles.

First off, we needed to plan a route in the outline of a summer shape, which proved to be a bit of a challenge. The grid-shaped streets of San Francisco limited our options to square, rectangle and triangle-based designs. (And we wanted to be sure to steer clear of some of the city’s massive hills!)

Pondering a Google map of the city, we decided to run in the shape of a sailboat, in honor of this popular San Francisco summer pastime. We mapped out a precise route, then headed out for a jog through the crowded city streets. Between swerving to dodge tourists in Chinatown and inevitable GPS inaccuracies, our boat came out a little curvy here and there, but you get the idea.

From planning a course to making sure we turned on the exact right streets, “drawing” a summer shape on our run was a challenge, but also a ton of fun. So what are you waiting for? Plan your run, hike or bike ride, tracking your path with a runtastic app, and submit the resulting GPS picture for a chance to win!

And one more thing for our U.S. users: we’re thrilled by the enthusiasm and support we’re seeing as we continue to expand our U.S. presence, so we’ve decided to launch an exclusive Twitter handle for our US audience. Follow @runtasticUS for English-only fitness news, runtastic updates and more!


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