Being Agents of Change at Runtastic

At Runtastic, our vision is “Through sports we have the power to change lives.” This means that we aim to help others live a more conscientious lifestyle and encourage ourselves to make the world a better place on a small and large scale. We’re definitely no strangers to committing to a cause we care about. But how do we do that? First, we use the power of digital to show our commitment to change lives for the better. 

Sustainability Matters

This year, our Run for the Oceans digital campaign (RFTO) was bigger than ever, and we couldn’t have been prouder. With adidas and our partner Parley for the Oceans, we gathered over 2 millions runners who ran over 12 million km worldwide to support a cause close to our hearts: fighting marine plastic pollution.

The money raised ($1.5 million) during our RFTO campaign was contributed to the Parley Ocean School Initiative, which aims to educate youth about marine plastic pollution and ways to take action. Driven by the same cause, we also try to reduce plastic use both in the Runtastic offices and in our daily life.

Shorty awards:

Did you know we are finalists in 3 categories for the Social Good Shorty Awards? Fingers crossed!

Life Matters

Another cause we are passionate about is threatened and endangered animals. That is why on International Snow Leopard day, we launched our latest and most exciting challenge: Run Wild with Uuliin the Snow Leopard. Through our collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the Snow Leopard Trust, and the Internet of Elephants, we are building awareness of the situation these endangered felines are in and encouraging runners worldwide to run with Uuliin.

In this digital campaign, we are raising awareness and inspiring users to take action for the world’s most endangered species while engaging them to stay active. Through our Run Wild campaign, we are initiating change and awareness internally. We organize runs during our lunch breaks (runch!), and we also launched the vegan week challenge at Runtastic in the spirit of Run Wild and saving animals. For some of us, eating a vegan diet is tough, but any challenge can be fun when we do it together!

How can I help?

We always have plenty of challenges in the adidas Running app, so check back frequently and join any community-led initiatives in your area.

Local Communities Matter

At Runtastic, Corporate Social Responsibility doesn’t only mean planning and executing cool campaigns for our users to raise awareness about important sustainability topics. We also try to think of ways for employees to get involved and do small acts of positive change. That way we can continuously make a difference for our local community and for our planet. 

Every year, in the spirit of the holidays, we try to give back to our community by organizing “Christmas in a shoebox” at the office. We enjoy finding creative gifts for children and wrapping them in shoe boxes so they can be sent to underprivileged children.

We love supporting women in tech as much as we can. That’s why we hosted a women’s coding event at our office and presented some of the cool women working at Runtastic to encourage other women interested in tech. We also did it to promote the female coders club organized by one of our employees, which hosts study groups for women who want to learn to code. Another exciting project we did at one of our Day of New Ideas (DONI) was guiding visually impaired runners on a run. Not only did we have a humbling and inspiring experience being guide runners for a day, but we were also able to think of ways to improve our app experience for visually impaired people and help connect them to their local running community.

At Runtastic, we are changemakers committed to causes we are passionate about. We love getting creative ideas and using the power of digital to make our world a better place. However, we couldn’t have done it without our millions of users who support us. So, thank you for running and training with us and also for helping us change lives and the world through our powerful digital community!

Would you like to join our team and become a changemaker? Find plenty of job opportunities on our career website.

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