Cycling Motivation: Get Inspired By These Bike Videos

We’re in the middle of biking season, so perhaps you’ve been taking your bike out for a ride too? Whether you’re already on fire or in need of a final push, we’ve gathered some inspirational video clips to boost your motivation!

Get motivated

This young biker firmly believes in himself. Draw inspiration from his inspirational speech and have faith in yourself that you have what it takes to reach your goals!

Push your limits

A man, his city and his bike. For him, the streets of Chicago are like arteries, full of life, crossing the city like arteries throughout our bodies. Watch the young biker compete with a taxi… Who will be faster?!

For fearless bikers

Anyone can ride a bike? Well… not necessarily. Here’s a bunch of crazy ideas on what to do with your bike. Aim high!

And why are YOU biking?

Whether you need the adrenaline or just want to enjoy nature – there are thousands of reasons for riding a bike. What’s yours?

No limits

A man and his bike, discovering the unspoiled countryside. A video says more than a thousand words…

Draw inspiration

Do things you love and share your passion with others. If you don’t like something, change it. Seize the chance and just go for it!

Anything goes

No matter what motivates you – what counts is that it works.

And now, take your bike out for a spin!


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