Dalking Challenge: Get Moving and Stay Fit

Dalking Challenge: Get Moving and Stay Fit
Health and fitness are getting more important all the time. But, as so often in life, the trick is getting started. Many people find it difficult at the beginning to change their lifestyle, get more exercise or simply run a lap around the block. Sometimes, the stress of daily life gets in the way, or you don’t feel so comfortable in the gym, or you just don’t know where to begin. So how about a party?

How to make every step fun
Android Wear is throwing a huge fitness party and everyone is invited. Why? To inspire people. Because you don’t have to be a trained athlete to be happier and healthier. Simply by taking the stairs rather than the elevator you have taken a big step in the right direction. And then? Go out and dance, take part in a zumba course or walk to work for a change – all these little things can bring you one step closer to reaching your fitness goals.

A week full of fitness
Now, it’s your turn! Go to www.whatsyourmove.com, create your own animated GIF and show everyone how much fun it is to stay in shape. Each week there is a new theme and a new challenge. Plus, by participating in “What’s Your Move”, you get the chance to win cool Android Wear watches. Of course, the contest wouldn’t be complete without Runtastic. We have a very special challenge in store for you…

Runtastic is looking for you and your best dalking moves!
Have you ever heard of Tommy Franklin? He loves to dance, and he is the inventor of “dalking,” or dance walking. Tommy not only exudes a lust for life, he puts a smile on everyone’s face. “Put your favorite tunes in and get a full-flow, full-fun, full-body workout. Move your body to the music and have fun,” says the Australian. “Dalking is the best workout I can have with minimal impact on my joints. For me, it is the epitome of fun, fitness and freedom.” We at Runtastic have already tried it out and have to admit it really is a lot of fun:

So do you want to participate? Then just go to www.whatsyourmove.com and send us your dalking GIF. Watch how Tommy Franklin does it and then try it out for yourself. The worst that can happen is you break out in a smile. We look forward to checking out your moves!



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