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Une jeune femme s'exerce au Dance Workout

Ready for something new and more variety in your workouts? Preferably a combination of cardio and strength? We’ve got just what you need! Dance workouts are all the rage on social media, TV, and even in magazines – and for a good reason. 

What are Dance Workouts?

Different. Captivating. Great for any fitness level and age. Dance workouts combine music and traditional bodyweight exercises with rhythm and dance moves. The goal of these fitness videos is to motivate you to improve your endurance, strength, and coordination through music and rhythm.  

Working out with music

The positive impact of workout music on motivation and performance is nothing new. The right tempo allows you to push yourself harder while reducing fatigue during the workout.(1, 2)

 Woman is having fun while having her dance workout

How are dance workouts created?

There is no set structure to a dance workout. Some follow the standard warm-up, workout, cool-down program, while others simply combine different bodyweight exercises and dance moves.

Either way, the individual exercises and moves are done for a few seconds each without a break between them. They can also be combined into a choreographed set and be repeated several times in a specific order. 

The goal of a dance workout can vary. There are dance workouts focused on one muscle group and others that target the whole body. Some concentrate on improving endurance and coordination. Keep in mind, there are so many dance videos out there by now that you can even choose which kind of music you prefer. There is truly something for everyone. And if you find that you can’t keep up with a certain dance move or exercise, don’t worry. Do your best or run in place for those few seconds. The music makes it easy to always keep moving. 

Aerobic Workout vs. Dance Workout

You might be wondering how this is different from aerobic workouts. Aerobic workouts are designed with specific rhythmic steps and arm movements: up, down, right, left. The dance workouts that are so popular these days sometimes integrate this into the warm-up or cool-down, but the main workout is a combination of bodyweight exercises and dance moves. So what is the difference between a dance workout and aerobic dance? It is merely the name – the term “dance workout” is what this type of dance fitness is called today. 

Top 7 Benefits of Dance Workouts:

  1. Combines endurance and strength training 
  2. High calorie burn through constant movement and rhythm change 
  3. Improves your mood and reduces stress (3, 4)
  4. No equipment necessary (but feel free to use weights or other objects like a hula hoop!) 
  5. Have a positive effect on long and short-term memory, attention, and brain plasticity in older adults (5, 6)
  6. Trainers guide you through the entire workout and motivate you 
  7. You can do it alone or with family and friends 

woman is smiling while dancing

Get up and Dance!

Long story short – grab your workout clothes, let the music move you, and test your coordination and endurance with Lolu’s cool moves and positive energy: 


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