Define Your Body With Runtastic Six Pack, Butt & Leg Trainer

When we first introduced the Runtastic Six Pack app, our aim was to guide the user to a toned, but more importantly a strong core. It was also our first app with Apple TV support, so that you could train your body while comfortably studying the move of the virtual trainer on the big screen in your living room. Now with Apple Watch selling at an estimated rate of 10.000 to 30.000 units a day and even the first Gold Editions shipping out to customers, it has also become a great way to keep an eye on your training without the need of a phone.

No Excuse – Train Everywhere
With the ability to use every screen, the TV, your smartphone or Apple Watch, apps like the Runtastic Six Pack app have become extremely versatile and easy to use in nearly every scenario. Regardless if you are at home, outside or in a hotel room, there is no excuse to get your training done. You will always have your 3D avatar at your fingertips, while being able to plan and schedule your next workout. In addition, you will receive non-intrusive reminders and motivation to keep going and are able to record and share your achievements.

Diverse Muscles Require Diverse Apps
As Six Pack offers support to yield visible results with a proper diet to define your abs, we also released the Butt Trainer app to target those hard-to-train cheeks – something that usually falls short during a normal strength training session – not too long ago. Regardless of your fitness level, the Butt Trainer complements the Six Pack app in defining and toning those muscles. Yes, believe it or not, your butt cheeks are muscles too!

Last week, as a next step, we also released the Runtastic Leg Trainer app, which expands the virtual training to your lower body, allowing you to not only tone but also strengthen your calves and thighs. Together, the Six Pack app, Butt and Leg Trainer make up a comprehensive set of exercises to train three hard-to-define areas of your body for those wanting to improve upon that, while giving users who are just starting out with fitness an easy and seamless start to push themselves without having to leave the comfort of your home, without the need for any equipment or sign up for an expensive gym membership.

Our aim is to offer you the ability to take that first step of training, regardless of which area of your body you want to target. With the Runtastic Six Pack, Butt Trainer or Leg Trainer there is always a specialized solution available. Best of all, these apps are free to try. Simply follow the links to Google Play or iTunes App Store:

It has never been easier to jump into an exercise, so fire up your phone and get started today. Right now is the perfect time to make that first step – exercise relaxes the mind and is proven to release endorphins, which lead to personal happiness!



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