Does Your Partner Know You?


Ooops.  I forgot to mention something really important in my last post about balance.  I’m sorry,  but when discussing holistic health & wellbeing, I forgot to mention our emotions.  However, as luck has it, Sunday is International Kissing Day and I have my chance to write about this topic after all 🙂

A kiss can be friendly, loving, swift, platonic, passionate,…  Our kisses are reserved for those people in our lives who are near and dear to us.  People we know well.  But, how well does your partner know you?  I prepared a bunch of questions for you to ask and find out!

Does Your Partner Know You?

Your partner or friends can’t answer some of these questions?  Maybe they don’t even stand aou chance because you don’t even know the answers yourself?!  What scares you most about the future, or which five things do you want to do in your lifetime?  Figure it out for yourself – and then share it with your closest friends and loved ones.  This way you create proximity and positive feelings. Which, by the way, are the perfect prerequisite for kissing 😉

What’s your personal prerequisite for a perfect kiss?  I can’t wait to read your comments.

In my next post, you’ll learn some interesting facts about caffeine.

Bye for now,

P.S.:  I modified the questions based on those by Dr. John Gottman.  He recommends at least one kiss a day that should last for six seconds.


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