Get stronger and build muscle with Drop sets (Episode 6)

A drop set is a really great way to increase the intensity of your workout and really burn out the muscle group of concentration. You can use drop sets in to challenge yourself in any weight lifting routine, but today I am using drop sets in my upper body routine.

A drop set is when you do as many repetitions until failure of a particular exercise and then when you cannot do anymore you decrease (drop) the weight and repeat. For this circuit I used the drop set as the 4th and FINAL set of my upper body workout and did a triple drop, which means I decreased the weight 3 times.

You want the weight to be heavy enough so that you are at your 12-15 rep max:

-seated row

-cable bicep curls

-lateral pull down

-tricep pull down


For the 4th set use a drop set for ALL exercises.




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