Easter Egg Hunt Workout Game For The Whole Family

Even though Easter is tomorrow, there’s still plenty of time to schedule in this game with your family this year. No, I am not telling you to take away all the candy, sweets & sugar but I am suggesting that you put a little hop in your Easter this year by adding in some fun exercises the whole family can do.

Runtastic easter egg hunt

For this game you will need the plastic Easter eggs that one would normally fill with candy or money and incorporate some pieces of paper inside with exercises written on them. These don’t have to be deadlifts and shoulder press, you can make them fun. You can make these exercises unique to your home, garden or nearby park. Here are some examples of what you can put inside the plastic easter eggs:

      • Hop like a bunny for 30 seconds
      • Jump as far as you can 3 times
      • 10 Jumping jacks
      • Run backwards to the end of the grass and back
      • Climb up the tree
      • Swing from the tire swing
      • Touch your toes then reach for the sky 10 times
      • Hopscotch
      • Jump as high as you can 3 times
      • Balance on one leg for 20 seconds (both sides)

When the kids are done searching for their eggs, they should find a mix of exercises and candy in their plastic Easter eggs. As you can see from reading the list, these moves don’t really seem like exercises. They are just fun ways to get your whole family involved, moving more and having fun – together!

Leave comments and let us know what other exercises you came up with to add inside of your Easter eggs and feel free to check out my Easter Egg Workout from last year!


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