Are You Eating A Healthy Diet? Take The Test Now

Are you already following a balanced diet, for example? Or do some of your weekdays still leave room for improvement when it comes to a healthy diet? We’ve prepared 10 questions for you – the more you can answer with a confident “yes”, the better you’re caring for a fit and healthy body.

are you eating a healthy diet

1. Is your diet balanced and varied? Do you enjoy a mix of mainly vegetable foods (fruit, veggies, cereals, potatoes, legumes,…) and moderate amounts of animal products (milk, cheese, fish, meat, eggs,…)?

2. Do you eat cereal products (even better: whole grain products) on a daily basis? For example granola, whole grain bread, rice, quinoa, buckwheat, etc.

3. Does your diet include 3 portions of vegetables and 2 portions of fruit every day?

are you eating a healthy diet

4. Do you restrict meat and cold cuts to max. 1 portion a day?

5. Do you read the labels (especially on ready-made foods) and check for their sugar, fat or salt content?

6. Do you drink at least 1.5 to 2 liters per day, ideally water or unsweetened teas?

7. Do you enjoy alcohol in moderation and refrain from drinking alcohol on at least 2 days per week?

are you eating a healthy diet

8. Do you listen to your body, eat when you’re hungry and stop eating as soon as you feel (not too) full?

9. Do you take your time – at least 20 minutes – eating your meals (that’s how long it takes until a feeling of satisfaction can be perceived), sit at a table to eat and avoid distractions like newspapers, smartphones or TV while eating?

10. Do you opt for a 100% healthy & balanced diet for at least 80% of your meals?

Were you able to answer all 10 points with a clear “yes,” or is there still room for improvement? Check out the eating habits of the world’s healthiest populations, or get inspired by our article on Clean Eating – and you’ll soon turn into a healthy professional 😉


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