Engage Your Body And Mind With Audible & Runtastic

When doing any kind of exercise, feeling entertained is a key factor in being able to run further, bike faster and walk longer. We use music, cheering and Story Runs to engage our minds and distract us from the burning muscles or the worries of the day.

Then, there are plenty of us who despite our busy daily life  still have the urge to further educate or immerse ourselves by reading books – both functional and fictional. The fact is, reading a book takes time and many of us find ourselves having to pick between a proper workout and the time to indulge in flipping through a book and diving into an exciting story. But, shouldn’t you be able to do both? We think so.


Audible – Audiobooks for your exercise

Audible presents a great way to enjoy all the benefits of a book even if you do not have your hands free. You can enjoy audiobooks while driving a car, or sitting in a train. The same goes for an active lifestyle, which makes Audible such a great addition to your exercising routine.

Audible and Runtastic have partnered up to give all our members two audiobooks, while our Premium members get an additional audiobook for a total of three for free – no strings attached!

You can now sign up with Audible to enjoy this exclusive offer, allowing you to listen to the latest bestsellers from your favorite authors while working out. This will not only allow you to go longer and further during your activity, but also engages your mind at the same time – perfect for those who want to make the most out of the time they have available.

To sign up, make sure to follow these steps:

Ensure that you are logged into your Runtastic.com account. If you do not have one, sign up for free!

Follow this link to this special offer.

You are from the UK? As a basic member click here and as a premium member use this link to get your free audiobooks.

Enjoy your free audiobooks with Runtastic and Audible to engage your body and mind like never before.

Join Audible today and enjoy your audiobooks for free! No strings attached never sounded so good.



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