Everything You Need to Know About Running a 10K Race

Young woman running in the park.

I am a runner. Not because I am super fast, run ultra-marathons or have the perfect technique. I am simply a runner because I like to run. I started running in college to get rid of stress and to take breaks during studying. I eventually went on to run 5K and 10K races, all the way up to half-marathons. And, trust me, I made so many mistakes: I didn’t train properly, I injured my knee, I didn’t allow my knee to fully recover, I tried the gummy gel things – so many learnings.

People walking and running at different speed

So, I thought it would be great to compile my learnings (and consult with the experts) to bring you this 6-part video series on the Runtastic Fitness Channel: everything you need to know about running a 10K race! A 10K is a big feat for a lot of us, including myself. And, if you don’t prepare properly, you could end up making the same mistakes that I did.

Here are my personal tips for a 10K race in 6 videos:

Part 1: Everything You Need to Know About Running a 10K Race

Get an overview of everything you need to know to have a successful 10K race. In this video, we cover the basics.

Part 2: 10K 101 – Tips for Beginners & Training Plan Do’s and Don’ts

When should you start training? What should a proper training plan look like? We’ve got all the answers for you right here.

Part 3: The Best Cross-Training Workout for Runners

Strengthen up your legs and core with this great bodyweight training workout. It’s important that you strength train if you want to be a better runner and minimize your risk of injury.

Part 4: The Perfect Warm-up and Cool Down for a 10K Race

Your warm-up and cool down are critical parts of your runs. We know it might be a bit boring – but don’t skip it! Here’s the perfect pre- and post-run routine.

Part 5: How To Choose the Perfect Running Gear & Clothes

Wow, I’ve made a ton of mistakes when it comes to this topic! Learn which materials are best for running clothes and how to know which running shoe is right for you.

Part 6: What to Eat Before & After Running a 10K

Your food is your fuel. You wouldn’t go on a road trip without first putting gas in your car, right? So, be sure to check out this video so you know which foods are a go and a no-go before and after you run.

Now that you have all the information you need for race day, download the
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