7 Ways To Exercise Without A Gym

Are you one of those people who dreads the thought of going to the gym? Or, maybe you are a regular at the gym but would like to switch up your environment a little bit? I have some groovy and effectual ways to exercise without a gym that will keep you motivated and excited about staying fit, healthy & active.

Lunden Yoga

Looking for a way to improve the flexibility and strength of your mind and your body? Do you want to rejuvenate your spirit and release some stress and tension? Yoga is a sensational way to activate your body and quiet your mind. This age old regenerative practice, combining breath and movement, is great for anyone and everyone from fitness newbies to professional athletes. Check out these 8 Yoga Poses for Runners.


When the weather is right, jump right in for a refreshing cool down as well as some exercise. Even if it’s cold out, you can search for the nearest indoor pool in your area. Try swimming some laps or even walking or running across the shallow end of the pool. The resistance of the water is much greater than that of air which makes it quite challenging. The water supports most of your body weight so water aerobics or swimming in a pool is an excellent low impact form of exercise for all ages. For those that suffer from arthritis, swimming or exercising in the pool is a safe and doctor preferred form of exercise because it allows you to move without putting any extra stress on your aching joints.

Martial Arts
Build strength, endurance, speed, agility and quickness while improving your discipline and learning how to protect yourself. Martial Arts is one of my favorite forms of exercise because it releases stress, aggression and sweat. Ever have days when you feel like you want to punch something? Well with this form of exercise, you CAN!


Elevate your heart rate and sculpt and tone muscle with this Pilates and kick-boxing fusion workout. You will experience the benefits in your speed, agility & quickness from boxing and increase flexibility, control and lean muscle tone with Pilates. It’s a really motivating and upbeat mix you have to try at least once.

Zumba is a Latin inspired workout set to music that has both dance and aerobic elements. I have tried Zumba a handful of times and it is really fun, makes you sweat and a great workout to do with friends.  It’s great for those who like to dance or those who want to unleash their rhythm and learn some new moves.


Playground Workout
This one I kind of made up on my own. Playground workouts allows you to spend time with your kids at the park as well as get in your exercise without entering a gym. I know there are a lot of busy and dedicated parents out there who just cannot seem to find time to work out and spend time with and take care of the kids- this type of workout eliminates that excuse. My parents were great fitness influences in my life mostly because I observed them taking time for their personal physical fitness. If your children see you working out, they may want to join and, inevitably, learn the importance of staying fit, healthy and active just by you modeling the behavior. Of course, if you don’t have kids and just want to work out at the park (like me) then, of course, go for it!

Interactive Run
This is probably my favorite type of workout. I like to call these interactive runs, because you are pumping up your run by throwing in different exercises, like pushups, lunges, triceps dips or step ups, for an even greater challenge. These types of runs are great because you can workout outside, soak up some sunshine and fresh air while still getting in a sensational sweat session. I do this 2 times per week.


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