Top 6 At-Home Workouts: Exercising at Home (While Watching TV!)

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Whether it’s at the end of a long weekday or on the weekends, raise your hand if you find that you plop yourself on the couch to watch TV (or your favorite Netflix docuseries) and before you know it the hours are passing by. Of course, relaxing time to unwind is perfectly fine – but how much time are we wasting in front of the television? My solution: watch a show and then do one of these quick workouts in between! These 5 workouts make exercising at home quick, efficient and effective!

1. Good Morning Energizing Workout

Weekend morning talk shows and news programs are your thing? Do this workout while catching up on current events. These moves are completely energizing, activate your entire body and will help work out any stressful kinks from the previous days.

2. 10-Minute Total Body Workout Creator Workout

In case you didn’t know, the Workout Creator is a feature in our adidas Training app. You can select the muscle group(s) and time frame you have, press “START” and you’re ready to rock! Join me for a total-body workout that only takes 10 minutes.

3. Foam Rolling Recovery Workout

This workout is definitely a favorite on the adidas Runtastic Channel. I get so many comments from people telling me that foam rolling for recovery has helped them so much: less back pain, less sore muscles, faster recovery, more efficient running…the list goes on! You don’t have to foam roll every single muscle seen in the video every single time – focus on what feels good for you!

4. 7-Minute Core and Low Back Strengthening

Whether at work, in the car or in front of the TV – all that sitting is a recipe for a weak core and back pain. Get up off the couch and let’s exercise the core at home without equipment!

5. 7-Minute Total Body Fat Burning Workout

This workout is short but mighty! Get ready to activate every single muscle in your body for a fat-burning experience you will never forget! Climbing Push-ups, Triceps Dips (with an added knee tap!)…you’re going to love these moves!

6. Abs Workout At Home for Beginners

No matter our fitness level, we can all take it back to the basics every now and then. While this is a workout for beginners, these moves are tough and will definitely make you shake!!

So what do you say – will you give these TV-break workouts a go? For those of you that feel that you simply “don’t have enough time to workout”, I hope that exercising at home makes you think again! Let me know which of these 5 workouts is your favorite in the comments below!



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