Experts answers to your questions # 2

Last week we announced that you can get your questions concerning “running” answered by a professional with a lot of experience – Olympic champion Dieter Baumann. Also this week you again have been able to send Dieter your questions. We picked the questions wisely and Dieter answered them. We would like to present the answeres to your questions right here.

Question 1: I have already done 8 weeks of marathon preparation training with 4 runs each week and my body weight did not reduce since the start of my training. I eat healthy and am not a running beginner. What can I do to reduce my body weight for about 9 pounds?

Dear Geoffrey,

This is a very common phenomenon. Even tough you move a lot you cannot really see results. But feel into yourself deeply. I am sure that you got fitter, you can run faster/longer and you just feel better, right? This is one of the most important results. I don’t have a picture of you, I just barely know your weight and height but I am sure that you don’t look overweight or something like this. Why do you want to hit this special border of weight? Is it because the number? Back in the past I tried to reduce my weight because all my colleagues were way lighter than I was. The effect was that I got sick and lost 3 weeks of training. So I would not just count on numbers. When you feel good and you also see improvements in your marathon training – keep doing it like this. If you focus on your marathon training constantly your weight probably drops automatically.

Best wishes: Dieter Baumann

Question 2: I’d like to run 5K in 20 miutes instead of the time of 21:58 I run the 5K at the moment. How can I train to reach this goal in about 10 weeks. Is it even possible?

Dear Hannes,

If I would be a motivation guru I would say: „sure, you’ll make it“!

As a running expert I would say: „well it depends“. It depends on how many years you have already trained in the past. At which point do you start your training now? If you are a beginner and don’t run many trainings a week it should not be a problem. Just add one or two trainings a week and soon you’ll be faster. You have to remember that a time of 20 mins is already pretty fast so I guess you have already been running a lot. I guess you are already doing a couple of trainings a week. In this case it is harder. It depends a lot on how you set up your training. If you already have been running a lot I would say that you need at least 12 weeks to come close to this time. Afterwards I would do 6 weeks special preparation for the 5K.

Other than this the case could also be that you have reached your limit. This is not bad at all – it’s just the way it is… this depends on the person. I think 21:48 is great but if you still want to try it, just take more time in preparation and I think you can do it!

Best wishes: Dieter Baumann


Of course you can go on sending Dieter questions. We are looking foward to your next questions… also next week there will be answers of the expert. Wishing you a sporty week.

Your team runtastic & Dieter Baumann



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