Experts answers to your questions # 3

Also this week you again have been able to send Dieter Baumann your questions. We picked the questions wisely and Dieter answered them. We would like to present the answeres to your questions right here.

Question 1: I’m doing the training plan „Weight loss“ with friends since 2 weeks, but my body fat part – measured with Body Scale by Withings- unfortunately increased. I do exactly the specifications oft he training plan but with the addition of an extra longer run. But this can’t harm – on the contrary. Is it possible that i’m doing something wrong? It’s demotiviating, although I have lost 1 kg, my body fat part increased.

 Dear Stefan,

i would say: Chuck the scale away. Everything goes very well. With an extra longer run, you increase your sport excercises. You have already lost weight and in addition you look after healthy nutrition. But why are you affected by the technical aspects oft he body scale. Body scales have a computer program, that doesn’t x-ray your body, which means, that the results are only approaches, that must not be true.

Exempt your mind of the results of the body scale and give your body time to accomodate to new conditions.

Question 2: I would like to try a lactate measurement to check my personal fitness conditions. Is it better to do a spiroergometry on the treadmill or just a normal lactate test? Is it necessary to do a replicate test? If yes, after how many weeks should I do the lactat replicate test. At the moment I run about 3 times a week.

 Dear Detlef,

for a simple fitness check a normal lactate test is adequate. Although the spiroergometry shows you you results more detailed, that are very interesting for a more professional training.  I would advise you to do the lactate test two times a jear. By way of conversation you can follow and optimate your trainings results perfectly.

Best regards


Of course you can go on sending Dieter questions. We are looking foward to your next questions… also next week there will be answers of the expert. By then “keep on moving”.

Your team runtastic & Dieter Baumann



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