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Of course, our Support team receives many questions about our most popular app. Dedicated runners use the app regularly to track their distance, calories burned and speed, or to get ready for a half-marathon. What information does the Voice Coach provide me with? What statistics can I see? Or how I can change my training details afterwards? Questions upon questions… and here are the answers:

How does the Auto Pause work?
The developers at Runtastic have really gone all out for this feature. The Auto Pause automatically stops your activity – whether that be jogging or cycling – when you stop moving. If you stand at a red light, for instance, the app will pause your activity, thus allowing you to keep all your current statistics like speed or pace although you are standing still. The latest update makes this feature even more accurate. The sensor in your iPhone also keeps count of how many steps you take during a session. Thus, it also recognizes when you are standing still.

Screenshot Runtastic ProScreenshot Runtastic Pro

What does the Voice Coach say to me? What can I adjust in the settings?
The Voice Coach keeps you up-to-date during your activities. It informs you of your Distance, Calories Burned, Duration, Pace, Speed and much more. Do you know how to activate it? There are three ways:

  • Settings > Voice Coach
  • In the app, tap on the activity screen and swipe down: The short menu not only allows you to choose your activity, select a Story Run or connect with your heart rate monitor, but you can also activate or deactivate the Countdown, Live Tracking, Voice Coach and Auto Pause features by simply clicking on the icons.
  • Tap on the icon in the top right corner: This opens the same menu as when you swipe down.

If you want to see all the features you can select in the Voice Coach, enter the Settings. Here you can select, for example, the language, or whether you would like to hear a male or female voice. Plus, you can choose the statistics you want the Voice Coach to tell you.

By the way, if you would like to hear the Voice Coach during a training plan or interval training, then you need to activate it for these workouts.

How can I edit my activities retroactively?
This option is available on the Web at Runtastic.com. Simply log in there with your user name and take a look at your activities. Select those that you would like to change – maybe the GPS wasn’t working right, and now you have too many miles/kilometers? Or did you forget to press Stop? You can edit statistics like Distance and Duration directly in your activity at Runtastic.com. The updated statistics will then be displayed in your app.

How can I add pictures to my session?
After you finish your activity, the app will automatically ask you how your workout went. Awesome? Just so-so? At the top of the screen, you will see a photo icon. You can use your phone to take a picture of you or your surroundings, share it with the Runtastic Community or simply save it as a reminder of a special workout.

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I would like to choose which statistics get displayed. How can I do this?
When you tap and hold a statistic on the activity screen – like Distance, for example – a menu will appear showing all the statistics capable of being displayed. Simply select the desired statistic and the previously displayed statistic will be replaced by the one you have just chosen. Would you like Distance to be displayed larger at the top rather than merely appearing in the bar underneath? Then simply tap on Distance, and it will automatically change places with the previous statistic.

Screenshot Runtastic Pro

I have an Apple Watch. How can I select which statistics get displayed?
It’s actually quite simple: The settings are the same as in the app. The statistics that you choose there to be displayed will appear on your Apple Watch.


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