Coffee Lovers: 13 Impressive Coffee Facts & Effects of Caffeine

Eine Frau trinkt einen Cappucino

We love coffee. To help us wake up in the morning, for a short mid-morning break or while chatting with friends in the afternoon. This brown beverage keeps popping up in our everyday life. With good reason, as we link coffee to pleasure.


Most people don’t know, however, that coffee is similar to cocaine and can even be lethal. Check out these interesting coffee facts we researched for you:

  1. The effects of caffeine start showing 15-20 minutes after the first sip.
  2. Caffeine affects our brain in a similar way to cocaine.
  3. Coffee beans come from the coffee plant’s red berries.
  4. Withdrawal symptoms manifest in the first 12 to 24 hours and they can last for up to 9 days.
  5. A cup of coffee contains approx. 100 mg of caffeine.
  6. If you drank 100 cups of coffee within four hours, you would die.
  7. Moderate coffee consumption during pregnancy is okay (always check with your doctor).
  8. The effects of painkillers are increased by up to 40% when combined with caffeine.
  9. Your daily caffeine dose shouldn’t exceed 400 mg.
  10. 12- to 17-year-olds constitute the most rapidly growing group of coffee consumers.
  11. Smokers metabolize caffeine up to 50% faster than non-smokers. Here are some tips on how to quit smoking!
  12. Finnish people drink the most coffee worldwide.
  13. Caffeine is processed faster in women than in men.


Do you know some more interesting coffee facts? Share them in the comments.


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