7 Facts About Weight Loss

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Are you curious about what science has to say about losing weight?  We’ve got 7 facts about weight loss for you:

1. Did you know that on Saturdays and Sundays we consume 115 cal more on average than during the week?

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2. Ever heard the phrase “I’ll start on Monday”?  We become health nuts on Mondays.  New research confirms that people are more health-conscious at the beginning of the week.


3. Eating fiber is not only healthy, it also promotes weight loss.  Researchers in London found that the decomposition product acetate – which is produced in the bowel – is responsible for that.  Mice ate less and lost weight when fed with this product.  The acetate works as an appetite suppressant.

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4. In studies with obese men, the eating behaviour after moderate (MIIT) and high-intensity (HIIT) interval training sessions was compared.  Results showed that exercise-induced hunger and the desire to eat decreased after HIIT.  Even the craving for high-fat food tended to drop after HIIT, whereas fat intake increased by 38% after MIIT.

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5. The University of Lund in Sweden found out that the consumption of green leaf membranes, called thylakoids, increased weight loss by up to 43%.  Green leaf membranes slow down the digestion process, keep us fuller longer and, therefore, reduce cravings by up to 95%.

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6. Ravenous appetite?  Play Tetris, try knitting or do some handicrafts.  Researchers from the University of Plymouth found out that distracting yourself by occupying your hands helps dispel thoughts of that chocolate bar or burger you’re craving.


7. People who tried to lose weight were more successful, if they wore a fitness tracker.  They lost 1.5 kg (3 lbs) more on average than those who did not track their steps.


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