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Sit-ups, leg raises or side crunches – you know all these exercises right? If so, you have probably tried out the Runtastic Six Pack app before. Are you already getting your abs ready for summer? Or would you like to try out a few exercises first? No problem because the Six Pack app is free! But perhaps there is a question or two you are dying to ask? Below we have put together some information on our users’ most frequently asked questions. This way you can get started right away with your six pack training and get your muscles in shape for beach season.

“How can I create custom workouts?”
Open the drawer menu and tap on “My Workouts”. On the following screen you’ll see all preset workouts. Tap the + in corner to get started creating a custom workout.

Adapt an existing workout
Select a workout, e.g. “Get in Shape”, and tap on the pencil symbol on the right-hand side of the workout duration. Now you can see the different exercises and the number of sets to do. To exchange one of the exercises just tap on the upper part of that exercise. You’ll then see all other exercises and can choose another one.

Create your own workout
No need for a predefined workout? To create your own workout from scratch, tap on the plus symbol in the upper part of the “My Workouts” screen. Start by naming your individual workout in the upper left part of the screen. Below, you’ll see a white field with a plus symbol. Tap on it and choose an exercise from three categories: “easy”, “medium” and “hard”. Tap on the exercise of your choice, then select the number of sets & reps and determine the rest duration. Following this example, select further exercises to compose a complete, individual workout.

“How can I change the training date for a training plan?”
Tap on the blue bar with date and time in the upper right corner of your training plan. On the next screen, you can change your training date by choosing the desired date.

How can I share my workouts on social media?”
After every workout, you’ll be automatically led to a screen where you can share your activitiy on social media. Go to your app settings, then tap on “Social Sharings” and make sure “Open share view automatically after an activity” is activated. In case it’s not activated, you can do so by checking the box right next to it. Are you an iOS user? Then the social sharing screen will automatically open up on your iPhone after your workout. You just have to choose whether or not to share your workout with your friends.

“How can I unlock in-app purchases on iOS?”
Just tap on “Get Full Version” in the drawer menu. On the next screen, you’ll get an overview of all benefits of the full version. You can unlock them all by clicking on the green button below.

“How can I restore in-app purchases on iOS?”
You’ve got yourself a new iPhone and want to enjoy all benefits of the Six Pack app again? To restore your previously made in-app purchases open the “Settings”, tap on “Runtastic” then “Restore In-App Purchases”. Plus, if you’ve bought the full version on your iPhone, you can use all features on your iPad too. With the same iTunes user you can “restore” the full version also on your iPad to benefit from all advantages.

More questions regarding our Six Pack app? Please contact our Support Team – they’ll be happy to help!

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Original was published on March 31, 2015, and updated on May 28, 2016.



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