Find The Right Water For Every Occasion

What’s on your checklist when buying water? With or without gas, an easy-to-grab bottle, a reasonable price? Well, you might want to also take a closer look at the label from now on, because water can do much more than just quench your thirst. We know how much we should drink to stay hydrated each day and by opting for water, you’ve already chosen the best option. But you can do even more by consciously choosing what kind of water you drink. Different minerals can serve different purposes. Let’s dive into this (pun intended) and find out:

water for every occasion

Vitalizing water
If you feel tired, a mineral water containing calcium, zinc, lithium and iodine can help you boost your energy.

Water for athletes
When working out on a regular basis, you should opt for mineral waters with an increased calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium content. This will improve your performance while preventing sore muscles and cramps. Plus, you can use the water to mix your own, ideal sports drink.

Calming water
Feeling stressed out? Mineral water with calcium and magnesium is relaxing. In general, try to stay hydrated during stressful times.

Cleansing water
Your body needs regular flushing and “rinsing” – also from the inside. Mineral waters with high iron, nickel, cobalt and iodine content can help cleanse your body.

Not all waters are equal. Taking a closer look at the label is sure worth your while. This way, you not only stay hydrated, but can also provide your body with the minerals it needs.

Pssst… Water does not only work wonders from the inside. Stimulate your body also from the outside:

Refreshing water
Take a shower and try “kneipping” to wake up your body & spirits: Turn on the cold water and start showering your calves, beginning with the right one, continue to your inner and outer thighs, then go back to your feet and toes. Now do the same with your upper body, starting with the right arm. Finish off with a cold shower on your face and back – and enjoy the refreshing feeling!

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