Fit, Strong and Very Confident: Belen’s Success Story

Belen Success Story

When I first started using the Runtastic Results app, I wasn’t looking for transformation. I thought it would be a great way to do strength workouts anywhere, at home, on vacation (we’re an expat family and travel a lot). I started the workouts last summer along with two hours per week of running. I did the workouts at home, on the beach, at the pool and at the hotel.

Within a couple of weeks, the difficulty level was hard enough and I had the feeling I was really pushing myself. After 4 weeks or so, I definitely felt stronger and shortly after it was noticeable to the people around me.

Belen lost weight with the Runtastic Results App

I finished my first 12 weeks on October 15th – the day I turned 40 years old. I didn’t plan it that way, but I thought it was nice to start a new decade feeling the way I do now: fit, strong and very confident! The following day I took the fitness test again and was pleased to see my progress. This motivated for the follow-up 12-week plan.

Now I’m doing the Results workouts three times a week and about 4.5 hours of cardio. I have made some changes in my diet, but nothing too drastic. I eat a little less of the bad things and a little more of the good ones. Eating a little better and increasing the cardio time are things I don’t have to struggle to do. I feel like my body is asking me to do it – so it’s fairly easy.

The progress pics (which you can take directly in the app) have been a motivation, especially these past few weeks when I have started to notice the before and after. I haven’t dropped many kilos, only two, but I wasn’t very big to begin with (57.5 kg or 126 lb) and I have developed a lot of muscle. I also like that my muscles are growing in a proportioned way because every workout is a full-body workout. Having the app prepare different workouts every day is great because I constantly face new challenges and never get bored.

Now we are moving once again. I’m working out as usual and expect to keep on doing so when I arrive at my new home (one of the advantages of bodyweight training!). I was mentioning to my husband that lately, I’m enjoying my workouts more. I still huff and puff, but I’m definitely getting stronger. For example, I can now do a set of 20 push-ups without taking a break (I hope the app doesn’t find out or I’ll get sets of 30 hehehe).

It’s nice to see my body look better, but my main objective when I started working out was to feel fit and strong – I’m definitely achieving that! Personally, I think I’m doing nothing out of the ordinary because I’m enjoying it a lot, feeling healthy and getting stronger. But I figured if I can help motivate someone to start exercising – that is great.

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