Howdy, Partner! Five Tips For A Fun & Healthy SXSW

Every year in March, SXSW (South by Southwest), the world’s biggest music festival and conference in the Western hemisphere takes place in Austin, Texas. Visitors can expect a set of music, film & interactive conferences and events, as well as concerts on several stages. We’re especially fascinated by all things interactive, as well as their exciting keynote speakers. In recent years, we’ve heard greats like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson speak there.

This year a few Runtastics traveled to Austin to be part of the game. Mario, VP of Growth, and Josh, VP of Business Development, share their favorite spots at SXSW 2015 with you today:

Runtastic SXSW

1. Whole Foods Market

The United States’ most colorful and healthy supermarket has everything you could wish for. Perfect to fill up on healthy foods and recharge our batteries after a long day of conference-hopping.

Runtastic SXSW

2. The Driskill

Our tired feet get their fair share of rest when we head to Driskill Hotel for a relaxing drink. These days, you can hang out there while enjoying shows by Mrs. Glass, Ricky Stein or Sharon Bourbonnais.

Runtastic SXSW

3. SXSW Runnin’ Roundup

Even though our Orbits count at least 25,000 steps per day while we’re here, we still go out for run while here in Texas. There’s nothing better to fight off jetlag than a morning jog.

Runtastic SXSW

4. Daily Juice Cafe

Since we came straight from the Austrian winter, our bodies have to get used to Texan temperatures. That’s why we always try to stay hydrated. The freshly pressed juices from Daily Juice don’t only help with hydration, but are also real vitamin bombs and energy boosters. Try out the “Fire Hydrant” if you’re there – it’s made of carrots, oranges, ginger, lime, jalapenos, beets and garlic.

Runtastic SXSW

5. Poolbar @ Mariott JW

For us, SXSW is all about networking. Best spot: the pool bar at Mariott JW. You’ll always meet interesting people, be able to lead inspiring conversations and exchange experiences and opinions.

Pssst… Another quick thing! Our CEO, Florian, is also at SXSW – so stay tuned for his personal experiences and insights at SXSW here on the blog!


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