20 Days in 2020 – Download the Free Workout Plan to Feel the Change

You wake up on January 1st. All of a sudden it’s 2020. 

But somehow everything feels the same…

And tomorrow will feel the same, too. Unless you choose to feel different this time – starting at the beginning of the year.

Here’s how to kick-start the year and feel a change in just 20 days! (We‘re not talking about your usual New Year’s resolution…)

Why you need to try this free workout calendar

The 20IN20 calendar guides you through the first 20 days of 2020 with:

  • Workout suggestions to feel motivated (no equipment, for all fitness levels)
  • Goals and challenges to feel determined
  • Reading tips to feel inspired
  • Nutrition advice to feel nourished…

Get inspired by a new feeling every single day for 20 days!

Ready to start?

How to use the 20IN20 calendar

It’s all digital and easy:

  1. Save the full 20IN20 calendar on your device or print it.
  2. Download the free adidas Running app and adidas Training app that will guide your workouts!
  3. Join the You: Version 2.0(20) challenge in the adidas Running app to collect active minutes.
  4. Set your personal goals in the adidas Running app once a week, starting with Day 1.
  5. Get ready to feel alive, proud, strong, empowered…just follow the tips day by day!

A woman is writing in her journal

1. Get the full calendar

Click on the image to download the full version of the 20IN20 calendar:

2. Download free adidas Running & Training apps

Not familiar with the free adidas apps yet?

You can get:

  • Home workouts with no equipment for all fitness levels
  • GPS tracking for your outdoor activities, live cheering, personal goals option
  • A Workout Creator tool to create a workout for the duration and body zone of your choice
  • Different challenges throughout the year that keep you inspired
  • …and much more!

3. Join the You: Version 2.0(20) challenge

You made the decision – this year you will feel like the best version of yourself. We’ve got a challenge to get you started! 

Get active for 2h and 20min for the first 20 days of 2020. Join thousands of people around the world putting in their active minutes to feel confident and strong.

How to join the You: Version 2.0(20) challenge

Sign up between 23.12.2019 and 31.12.2019: You can sign up to join the challenge in your adidas Running app. Go to the “Progress” tab and scroll down to the “Challenges” section to open the challenge and click to join.

The challenge will start counting your active minutes from 01.01.2020! Be ready! The challenge ends on 19.01.2020.

What counts as active minutes for this challenge?

Your goal is to collect 2h and 20min of tracked activities in 20 days.

Activities from both the adidas Running and adidas Training app will count towards your goal. They can be combined.

  • adidas Training app activities that count: Standalone workouts, training plan workouts, single exercises, featured workouts, Workout Creator workouts (warm-up and stretching do not count).
  • adidas Running app activities that count: GPS-tracked running, treadmill, walking, nordic walking, hiking, handbiking, and snowshoeing.

Don’t forget to track your activities!

A woman is ticking off her workout on a board

4. Set your personal goals

Setting goals is the only way to really make a commitment to change. It‘s such an important part of starting your fitness journey.

The adidas Running app lets you set all kinds of goals – based on duration, activity type, frequency…whatever works for you! 

Here are some examples of small but smart goals:

  • 60 active minutes in one week (any sport type)
  • 15 minutes of walking every day
  • 2 workouts per week
  • 20 minutes of alternating walking/running for beginners who want to start running

How do you set your personal goal? Check out the instructions for setting goals in the adidas Running app FAQ

Finally: Don’t just plan to change, feel it!

The 20IN20 free workout calendar is not your usual New Year’s resolution.

It introduces a healthier lifestyle slowly, by focusing on how you feel. Those feelings will make you want to adopt healthier behaviors, even after the first 20 days in 2020.

Don’t believe it? Give it a try!



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