From 95 to 90 kg: “It’s Not About the Weight”

Success Story Rainer

Rainer began his weight loss journey with a starting weight of 95 kg (210 lb). Today, the Austrian weighs nearly the same, yet he is fitter than ever! Find out how he did it in today’s blog post.


26 years old, 95 kg (210 lb) – and 15 cups of coffee per day
“A few years ago, I met an old business partner of mine who had lost 20 kg (44 lb),” said Rainer. “I almost didn’t recognize him anymore. He was a completely new person… That was my wake-up call.”
At the time, Rainer weighed 95 kg (210 lb). “I was 26 years old and one of the youngest executives of an automotive group. With my heavy workload and management position, there was no time for healthy eating and exercise.” Plus, the now 33-year-old was drinking 15 cups of coffee and smoking 20 cigarettes a day at the time. “When you are young, your body can handle a lot. But I knew that it was time to change my life.”

Young overweighted man sitting on a chair.

“I made some classic beginner mistakes”
From one day to the next Rainer turned his diet upside down and started doing sports regularly. He also finally quit smoking after a couple of months.

At first, Rainer ran twice a week. He made progress quickly: “In the first five months, I lost 7 kg (15 lb). After six more months, I only weighed 80 kg (176 lb).”
But what at first sounds like a huge success turned out to have its downsides, too: “I made some classic beginner mistakes. I ran a lot, but wasn’t eating enough. Finally, my coworkers told me that I’d better not lose any more weight… That got me thinking. I realized that I had not only shed body fat, but a lot of muscle mass, too.”

Results: Start of my bodyweight training
That’s when Rainer decided to add bodyweight training to his running routine.

At first, the now 33-year-old did the few bodyweight exercises that he knew. Then he discovered the 12-week training plan of the Results app in fall 2015. Naturally, Rainer gradually started to put on weight again due to the training. “But this time it was pure muscle. In the end, I weighed about 85 kg (187 lb) again and felt better than ever!”

Young man doing high knee jumps.

Everything seemed so much easier to Rainer. “My back muscles were stronger which helped me on all the long road trips for work.” And his running performance improved, too. “Before Results, I used to run 5K in 30-31 minutes. But thanks to my newfound strength, I can now run the same distance in 27 minutes.”

Young man doing high planks outside.

“That’s the way I’d like to keep it”
Today, Rainer is more than satisfied with his life. “It’s important to me that I have turned myself into a complete package – both in terms of sport and nutrition. At the same time, I am always trying to establish new habits. That’s why I haven’t drank alcohol in months.”

However, Rainer does allow himself to indulge once a week, for his daughter’s sake. “Sunday is always my cheat day. I eat burgers and Nutella with my daughter.” It is important for the father to find a good balance. And to maintain his current weight of 90 kg (198 lb) for a long time. “My body fat percentage has dropped from 20 % to 7 % over the years. That’s the way I’d like to keep it.”

Young business man smiling in the office.

4 tips for fitting in more activity each day
Although it is not always easy balancing job, family, sports and a healthy diet, the managing director believes that “everyone can and should take time to exercise.” That is why the 33-year-old would like to share some tips on how to get more active in your daily life:

1. Get up earlier in the morning: “I often get up an hour early and do some exercise to energize my body. It feels good and makes me more productive at work!”

2. Count your steps: “To get me up and moving around, I try to walk 10,000 steps a day.

3. Stronger together: “I motivate myself by working out with like-minded people. That’s why I joined a Results group in my area.”

4. Stop talking and start doing: “I don’t talk to other people about my personal goals. My motto is stop talking and start doing.”

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