Garmin Connect Now Available For Your Runtastic App

Ein Mann läuft in der Stadt

We’re excited to announce that Garmin Connect is now available for your Runtastic app. Our users (you guys!) let us know that this feature was at the top of your list, so we made it happen! Use your Garmin device to track your runs and they will also be available in your Runtastic app for further analytics, social sharing and to keep track of your history.

Woman checking her Garmin watch after a run outside

So, do I have to bring my phone with me and my Garmin watch?

You can now leave your phone at home and use your Garmin watch next time you head out for a run. But of course, you can continue to check back into your Runtastic app for additional features: News Feed, social sharing, Groups, Leaderboard, workout analytics, statistics, Shoe Tracking, Running Goal and Training Plans.

Which models does this feature support?

This feature currently supports Forerunner, Fenix, GPS enabled vivo models as well as a basic integration with Edge for cyclists! 

How does it work?

First, you have to connect:

1. Start connection → settings → social connect
Runtastic app → settings → partner accounts
2. Select “Garmin Connect”
3. Enter Garmin credentials & authorize the Runtastic app
4. Done!

Woman is checking her Garmin watch

Then you can track your run:

1. Go for a run with your Garmin watch
2. Connect your watch to your phone with the Garmin Connect app
3. Get a push notification as soon as your activity is available in Runtastic.
4. Done!

So, are you excited? We hope so! Have fun tracking your runs using your Garmin!



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