Geotagging runtastic V. 1.5 available (runtastic lite + PRO)

Geotagging runtastic

Updates (version 1.5) of the runtastic Lite and runtastic PRO iPhone App are ready for download.

What’s new in this version?

* Geotagging (Capture images during your workout and save them with your session)

Geotagging runtastic

* iPod feature enhancements (shuffle mode, delete playlist, progressbar)
* Voice feedback feature enhancements (Volume can now be set, short voice feedback option added)
* New sport types: kayaking, surfing, kite surfing, basketball, spinning, paragliding, wakeboarding, Freecrossen, diving, table tennis


* GPS will be disabled during long pauses (more than 30 seconds)
* Improved chart
* Pause state is now clearly marked
* Map now shows blue marker during session instead of red end flag
* No more network error alerts (they will be handled gracefully for you in the background)
* Improved additional info dialog by setting default values for average and maximum heart rate pickers
* Improved height input by introducing a hight picker component
* Improved load time on older phones

Bug Fixes:

* Fixed sport type aerobics (was named golfing)
* Startup loading view to prevent “failed to launch in time” errors
* Fixed possible negative speed values
* Fixed additional infos were not transmitted when session was entered manually
* Fixed voice feedback occasionally did not work during a competition
* Fixed logout not working after registration
* Fixed birthday picker off by one errorCountdown before session starts

We look forward to your feedback! We would also be glad if you rate the app in the App Store.

Enjoy your sport activities with the runtastic iPhone App!


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