Ready for Summer? Top 10 Bodyweight Exercises to Get In Shape

high plank knee to elbow exercise

Summer will be here before you know it and we hope you know how important it is to avoid crash dieting and extreme workouts in order to get in shape! The faster you try to lose the weight, the faster it will come right back. So don’t wait, start today and get in shape for summer the healthy way.


If you’re really serious about losing weight and getting in shape, you absolutely have to clean up your diet and take time for recovery! It’s simply not healthy to work out for hours and only focus on calories burned. You must also start incorporating more quality, unprocessed foods into your diet, stay hydrated, and get enough sleep!

Get In Shape for Summer with These 10 Bodyweight Exercises

1. Side-to-Side Push-Ups

We’re all familiar with push-ups (which are a great exercise!). But let’s mix it up a bit with this side-to-side variation.

2. High Plank Leg Lifts

As with all plank variations, you’re really working your core here. But with the leg lift, you’re giving that booty some extra love as well.

3. High Plank Knee-to-Elbow

This is one of my favorite moves for a strong core and tight abs. Bringing that knee to the elbow really works the sides of your waist (your obliques).

4. Mountain Climbers

Burn baby, burn! This move is awesome for the abs and really kicks up the fat-burning cardio!

5. Superman Pull

A strong back looks good and feels good! And don’t forget that the lower back is part of a strong core.

6. Side Lunges

Lunges in general work a lot of muscles resulting in more calories burned! These side lunges work your glutes, quadriceps, adductors, abductors, hamstrings, calves, and your core.

7. Curtsy Lunges

Lunges of all sorts are amazing for strong legs and a nice butt 😉 A curtsy lunge is a great variation to really build a strong booty!

8. Jump Squats

Leg strengthening and cardio in one movement! This exercise finds its way into all my leg circuits.

9. Inchworms

Inchworms are a great move for flexibility through the backs of the legs as well as for core and upper body strength.

10. Triceps Dip

And for those backs of the arms that everyone always complains about, triceps dips are the answer!

As mentioned before, these moves aren’t the only solution to get in you in shape for summer – but they will help!

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