Runtastic Success Story: Getting A Six pack & Self-Esteem

Hi readers!  Let me introduce myself:  I am a 32-year-old woman and I’m in love with life thanks to Runtastic.  The apps changed me physically, but also mentally.  In the past, I was rather introverted, hardly saw my friends and just sat around at home.  Until I decided to put an end to this by downloading the Runtastic app . That’s when I started enjoying life again.

I’ve never been fat, and when I started biking I was actually almost too thin.  In the beginning, I biked 15 kilometers each day and did 100 push-ups every other day – for which I also relied on the great Runtastic Push-Ups app.  I was able to share my success publicly and got so many compliments that motivated me to overcome my weaker self.  Pretty soon, my progress also showed in my statistics.  I make use of all features in the Runtastic app, monitoring my kilometers, speed, calories burned, etc.  When going for a ride on a route I’ve already done before I can see how fast I’ve become and immediately post it on social media.  I’ve been getting so many, beautiful compliments from all those people and my self-esteem grew by 100%.  Plus, I’d have never thought I’d be able to grow so much muscle!  And I go out again, get some fresh air, see my friends– I just feel alive again 🙂

I really want to recommend the Runtastic apps to all of you!  By sharing your progress on social media, you will get loads of compliments from other users that will prevent you from giving up and motivate you to keep trying. I promise.

Have fun with your Runtastic app!



P.S.:  I actually have a six pack now and I am so proud.  And I think my picture shows how comfortable I feel with myself now!



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