Getting in A Workout Before Work – How to Make It Easy

Are you struggling to find time to fit in your workout amongst your busy schedule? Do you want an energy boost that can aid your morning coffee in pumping you up for the day? Do you want to finally get in the best shape of your life without your life revolving around working out? Then, it’s time to take action and workout first thing in the morning before work. Now, it’s not necessarily better to workout in the morning, as long as you are getting it done, but you’re definitely less likely to make excuses throughout the day or find reasons to skip your workout if you just wake up and get it done. Whether you want to spend more time in the gym or want to discover new ways to workout quickly & efficiently at home, I’ve got you covered.

I could make it to the gym in the morning, but I can’t seem to get organized…

Getting to the gym in the morning can be easy-breezy or the most tedious thing in the world. You absolutely have to prepare the night before. In addition, you have to practice preparing. You might forget a few items in the beginning, but you’ll get the hang of it before you know it.

workout before work

  • Put your gym clothes right next to your bed, or even sleep in them (at least the bottoms).
  • Set your alarm! Having a bit more time in the morning is better than not having enough time to get out the door. And please, don’t press snooze!
  • Is your bag packed with all the essentials? Check out this list so you don’t forget anything.
  • Know the workout you will be doing, or at least the muscles you will be training. It doesn’t matter if you’re training legs & core or even shoulders – just have a game plan.
  • Need a schedule to stick to? Sign up for a class at the gym in the morning so you have a specific time you are committed to being there. Maybe even invite a friend to join you – you won’t bail on your friend, right?
  • Will you go to work straight from the gym? Make sure your work clothes, make-up, toiletries, hair products, etc. are ready to go.
  • Prep your morning coffee so you just have to press the “on” button in the morning, or have your pre-workout beverage of choice ready-to-drink in a shaker cup.
  • Whether you eat before or not is your decision. Do whatever makes you feel most energized. But, if you choose not to eat before, I would definitely bring a banana or something to snack on in case you feel an energy slump once you get to the gym. Will you be eating breakfast at work? Do you have it all prepared in your gym bag or do you keep extra breakfast items at work?

I have no time to make it to the gym in the morning…

Want the GREAT news? You don’t need a gym to workout and you don’t need any equipment at all. You can get a great workout using your own body weight, or furniture you can find around the house and minimal space. Plus, you can do these workouts at home without having to worry about packing a gym bag or preparing your gym clothes. Jumpstart your metabolism in the morning with these 4 awesome workouts you can do at home. Don’t forget to do this quick warm-up first.


I am more of an outdoors workout person, I need fresh air…

Ah, the smell of fresh air in the morning is great for the mind, body & soul. As with the gym workouts, you want to make sure you have your gym clothes by your bed and ready to put on so you can head out the door.

I hope this helped you settle your morning workout routine once and for all. Leave comments below and let me know what type of workout you prefer in the morning or any tips you might have to make waking up and moving a bit easier.


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