Günther Weidlinger reporting from his training camp in Spain

Günther Weidlinger in Spain

Günther Weidlinger auf Trainingslager

During the last two weeks in Spain I did great training runs of about 400 kilometers under perfect conditions. Thank you very much to all of my fans, who watched my Live Tracking sessions on the runtastic fitness site.

For all of you, who observed my training range, just an indication: The average pace includes running activities to come in, sprints, running downs as well as breaks.

The time off, when I was not running I used to do some sportmanagement studies, which I find very interesting.

The necessary preperations for the spring season are according to my personal training plan. It’s already my 15th start as a professional runner into the new season. I‘ m looking forward to the Olympic Games in London on August 12.

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