Halloween: Your Top 6 Running Survival Stories

Recently on Facebook we asked you to share your personal survival story with us. Just in time for Halloween we have put together for you a short selection of the funniest and most exciting ones. Enjoy!

1)   “I want to run as long as my legs hold me

My survival story happened today, but it wasn’t all bad. In fact, it was amazing! I wanted a challenge, so I decided to run as long as my legs would carry me. I should mention two things: first, that I have only been running regularly since May, and second, that I am very ambitious. So I started running and before I knew it, I took a turn and realized that I was lost. I kept going and going until I came to a place that looked strangely familiar: It was then that I realized that I had been running around in the fields only to arrive back at the spot that I thought I had left behind me several kilometers ago! When I finally stopped running, I was shocked to see that I had been running for 1 hour and 37 minutes – and had logged a good 15 km. Thank God I could get hold of my husband out here in the jungle. He picked me up and brought me back home. I’m glad I had my phone with me. I guess the next time I should take a survival kit with me. ?  Up till now, I have been running between 8 and 10 km per day, so of course I am thrilled that I did 15 km today! :-)”


2) “From Stuttgart-Oberstdorf-Meran via the Alps”
“From Stuttgart-Oberstdorf-Meran via the Alps: This is the route I want to travel – with only a survival kit and what I find along the way. That’s the goal I want to achieve before retirement. Of course, it will be a lot safer with the ultimate survival kit. I am relying on Runtastic’s hard-as-nails training to get me whipped into shape for my adventure.”


3) “Off through the jungle”
“Taking a daily stroll with my cat (living room jungle) and then with my dog through the floodplain forest of the Prater in Vienna … practicing a variety of breathing techniques when we run into a snake in the forest, without passing out ? now that’s what I call “survival” :-)”


4) “Wildsau Run: It was awesome!”
“You fall, get bogged down, slip underwater, nearly freeze to death, run for your life, up and down, farther and farther, up and down, down the hill. Up the creek and then down again – congratulations you’ve survived the Wildsau Run! It was awesome!”

5)  “Every day is a survival story”
“Making my way to university, rain or shine. That’s my survival story.”


6) “Wants out – come rain or shine”
“Every day, it’s the same thing: He climbs onto my bed and wants out. Come rain or shine :-)”

And what is your own survival story? Tell us your story below in the comments – we’d love to hear about it. In this spirit: Happy Halloween!


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