Health 2.0 Barcelona – Embodying Health & Fitness Future

This week, one of the biggest health and fitness conferences in Europe opens its doors with 2 days filled with over 50 live product demos. The event, now in its 6th year is the counterpart to the annual Fall Conference in Silicon Valley, which will return for the 9th consecutive time in October of this year.

Health 2.0

With the quantification of various activities in our daily lives and more recently of our body, the focus of acquired numbers has shifted from mere quantity and aggregation to quality and correlation. With the greater reliability of data recorded and the ability to get more data points during all walks of life, the various health care systems around the world have taken notice. So, for this event Runtastic was asked to demo our latest apps on the Apple Watch.

We at Runtastic always keep our vision, that we want every individual to live a more aware and active lifestyle, in mind when it comes to empowering you to use new technologies to better your life. The arrival of Apple Watch and other Smartwatches allows you to get into an activity seamlessly at any time. During the workout you get feedback and may keep an eye on your progress. This results in increased tracking as you receive immediate feedback and end up being more active. All this, while being more efficient in the decisions you make before, during and after the workout.

This is the message we want to convey at the Health 2.0 conference while allowing the decision makers in the health industry to see where the journey is going for the individual.

We see the future in giving you a personal health and fitness experience and just like in a normal interview, the more you tell us about yourself, the more personalized the experience will be for you. Simply said: our users are just that – and the users will never become the product.

With experts in the health and fitness space congregating in sunny Barcelona, it presents the perfect opportunity to deliver this message, allowing the decision makers from around the world to get a direct and unfiltered experience of what the result of our values should represent. All this, while keeping our ears on the tracks to experience the future of the industry at the heart of everyone’s health.


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