Healthy Lifestyle: Why Fitness Makes you Healthy and Successful

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Take a moment to think about the word “fitness.” What images pop into your head?

First, you probably think about activities that really make you sweat. Maybe you imagine yourself running outdoors in the fresh air, doing bodyweight training, or taking a bike trip.

But fitness is much more than just exercise: it’s a lifestyle – and this includes a healthy diet and healthy habits along with the right amount of exercise.

Can fitness do more than just improve your health? Can it help you more effectively deal with daily stress?

Exercise can open the door to a more aware, successful life:

#1 You get better at time- and self-management

One big advantage of doing sports is that you become better organized. Why? Because you have to schedule your workouts well. Along with work, the household, and maybe kids, it’s not always easy to keep at it. But if you want to achieve your (fitness) goals, you have to make a plan.

Ask yourself the following questions to successfully meet your goals:  

Write the answers on a piece of paper and think about how you can schedule the individual activities in your calendar.

Setting goals on paper

Sounds tough because you don’t have any time?

Think of these calendar entries as time for you and treat them like work meetings – that way you can’t make excuses.
You’ll quickly see improvements in your time- and self-management skills, which will also help you be more organized and efficient at work and meet deadlines.

#2 You will be more self confident and optimistic

The more often you do sports, the more committed you are to eating healthy, and the more actively you work on meeting your personal goals, the faster you will see the first results. You’ll get in shape, lose weight, build muscle, feel much healthier and happier. You’ll be more self confident – whether in your personal or professional life and success is guaranteed.   

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#3 You become more committed and focused

Are you someone who gets excited about things quickly? And just as quickly falls back to old habits? Try using a plan like a 12-Week Bodyweight Training Plan, nutrition or running plans to reach your goals.

Plans help you stay focused – even when it’s hard at the start. You’ll see: as soon as you finish a plan, you’ll be proud of yourself. You kept at it and didn’t give up! Persistence and consistency pay off, and you will also see the benefits in your professional life.

Check out some more benefits of working out:


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