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Cravings, yo-yo diets, and the wrong training can make it really tough to lose weight. But the right tips can bring you lasting success: these include a healthy diet as well as the right amount of exercise.

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If you are ready to declare war on your excess weight, you need to be aware that…

…weight loss begins in your head. And you should think about why you want to lose weight. Are you doing it for yourself? Or because you want other people to like you? You will only have lasting success if you are doing it for yourself and – most of all – for your health.

…you should set medium term goals. If you plan on losing 25 kg, you will get frustrated quickly because it may not happen as quickly and easily as you thought. Set medium term goals: work on losing the first 5 kg and celebrate your achievement! Then set the next goal – you’re sure to be successful.

…losing weight should be fun! There’s no point in half-heartedly running 10 km every day, when in fact walking might be more fun. Or banning all sweets – and then spending the whole day thinking about it. 

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Try running shorter distances, but run several times a week. You should also add variety: combine your fitness routine with other sports like swimming or dancing. What matters is that you’re having fun! The same goes for sweets: don’t eat every chocolate bar you find, but don’t ban everything from your diet. Find your balance – it is the key to success.

The following tips can help you burn off the first few kilograms.

And always remember these two things: change takes time and you’re doing it for yourself!

Start keeping a food diary

A study from Kaiser Permanente’s Center for Health Research suggests that you lose twice as much when you use a food diary. You don’t believe it? Then ask yourself these two questions: what did you eat throughout the day today? What liquid calories did you consume? Hmm…you can’t remember everything? Probably not. But if you want to lose weight, it’s important to create a calorie deficit. The first step is to become aware of your eating habits by tracking your food (keep a food diary). This can help you eliminate bad habits.

4 benefits of food tracking:

  1. You get a clear overview of how many calories you consume every day.
  2. Keeping a food diary reveals your bad habits (i.e. sweets and unnecessary calories) – this is the first step to changing things!
  3. Fat, protein, sugar, carbohydrates: food tracking teaches you more about nutrition and which nutrients you need.
  4. Abs are made in the kitchen: if you want to reach your personal goals without the yo-yo effect, you have to change your diet.

Fat burning exercise – from walking to running

In addition to changing your diet, getting enough exercise is important to stimulate fat burning.

Step 1: try walking

The first step is the most important – but also the hardest. So if you aren’t ready to start running yet because your fitness level isn’t up to par, try walking. Not only does it have a lot of health benefits – you can walk anywhere at any time! It’s also easier on your joints and boosts your metabolism.

Walking for weight loss

Ready to take the first step?

You’ll see how much fun it is – soon you will feel much fitter and switch from walking to running.

Step 2: Run for it

Now that you are ready to start running, you probably want to know how to best shed the extra weight. We recommend regular endurance training: it boosts your metabolic rate and you continue burning calories after your workout. The afterburn effect promotes weight loss.

Running to lose weight


If you want to lose weight, you have to keep your metabolism working at a higher intensity. Always challenge your body in new ways, make sure there is a lot of variety in your running, and integrate bodyweight training. This forces your body to react to the training stimuli, and your metabolism uses more energy.

Lose weight with running plans

If you don’t know how to start running, training plans are really helpful. Set a goal for yourself, increase your endurance with each kilometer, and reach your ideal weight with tips from Runtastic experts.

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