Are You A Healthy Weight? 4 Ways To Check

Women, by nature, have a higher body fat percentage average than men and they are better at building fat depots to aid in child bearing.

Healthy Weight

Not only do men and women store fat at a different rate, they also store it in different areas of the body. Females store fat around hips, legs and butt, whereas males mainly gain weight around their midsection.

Not long ago 90 – 60 – 90 was considered the “perfect” body, then came size zero.  Who knows what’s “perfect” anymore and is this a healthy weight?

Today, we want to show you four easy ways to find out whether your body metrics are within a normal and healthy range.

Body Mass Index (BMI):
The BMI assesses your body weight in relation to your height.  It’s considered an approximate point of reference, as it does not consider gender, physique or body composition.



Normal BMI: 18.5 – 24,9 *

Waist-to-height-ratio (WHtR):


Normal range: women/men < 0.5 *

Waist circumference:
Grab a measuring tape, stand upright, and measure your waist circumference level with your belly button.

Normal range: women < 90 cm (35 in); men < 100 cm (39 in) *

When taking this measurement the main concern should be that you are not exceeding the normal/healthy circumference. The smaller the waistline does not equate to a healthier individual.

Body analysis:
Another possibility to get to know your body and its composition.  Besides body weight, our intelligent scale measures body fat percentage, muscle and bone mass as well as body water content.  If “exercise more” or “lose weight” are on your to-do list, a body analysis scale is the perfect gadget for you.  It permits you to set individual weight and body fat goals, supports you on your way there and provides information about your progress.

Ideally, you would combine these four analysis possibilities to find out whether your body weight and circumferences are within the recommended range.  Don’t worry if you don’t get ideal values with every single method.  What’s important is that you feel at ease in your body – no matter what the numbers say.

The results of the different measurement methods are rather general and do not take age or gender into consideration.  For an accurate assessment, these values as well as a person’s lifestyle and further personal details would have to be factored in.


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