Happy Holidays Workout: Less Than 30 Minutes, No Gym, No Equipment

A woman doing crunches

No matter how or where you are celebrating the holiday season around the world, one thing is for certain: we’ve got to get our sweat on! If your workplace is anything like ours, lots of holiday treats are in the common areas, and we are sure you have some holiday parties on your calendar this month as well. So in order to stay on track and not let the holiday food sabotage your goals, join us in this special HOLIDAY workout we’ve created for you guys!

We hope you try out this workout and enjoy it as much as we do! We want to motivate you to keep up with your workouts, so you’re not desperately clinging to a New Year’s resolution to save you from your overindulgences! Remember, fitness is a lifestyle. You got this!

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Happy Holidays from all of us at Runtastic!



Lunden Souza Lunden is a Certified Personal Trainer and the Runtastic Fitness Coach. You can work out with her on the Runtastic Fitness Channel on YouTube or join her at one of the LIVE Workout Parties. View all posts by Lunden Souza »