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Guest blog post: Not a fitness expert. Just a guy that wants live longer.

I am who I am.

When you look at me you should know right away that I am no fitness expert, no certified physical trainer. But, what I am is a guy who has a simple goal: Live healthier to live longer and spend more time with my kids. I can easily say that the last 15 years have been filled with junk food, no physical exercise, and most importantly filled with excuses. I’ve started down this journey many times before and have failed just as much. Like any bad habit or a bad life style – Change truly comes when the person is ready to change.

I believe that this time the change is permanent because – I want it!


Dave Mora
Dave Mora

I want to share things that I have done on my journey so far:

1. Starting is the hardest thing – Starting is the hardest thing and it only gets harder but stay with it. Don’t allow yourself to accept your own excuses. Don’t say you will start Monday, this weekend, or next month. Start today, right now, after you read this, yes start right now. Once you started the hardest thing is to do it again tomorrow.
Change won’t happen overnight. So, don’t be discouraged by not dropping pounds in a week.

2. Cut the Soda and the Junk food
– Yes, it is a lot easier said than done. But, trust me cutting the soda pop and drinking water instead does wonders. Here is a tip I learned. When you add a few drops of lemon to your water it changes it up a bit where you don’t get so tired of just drinking water all the time. As hard as it will be to no longer pick up breakfast, lunch, or dinner from your local eatery it gets easier to ignore the fast food eateries. Plus, you might start adding more cash in your pocket because cooking for yourself is easier on the wallet.

3. Don’t need to be a cook to make your own food
– I am not a chef and the best thing I can put together is an #awesome bowl of cold cereal. But, if I am able to make a few salads to take to work for lunch. So can you! – You can include chicken or “ Asada” along with your salad. The first month adjust to eating healthier choices and stay away from the fast and processed food. What worked for me was to not change my eating habits to a specific trending diet overnight.

But, to simply eat less junk food, fried food, and processed food and to no longer consider a bag of chips and soda pop a complete meal.
Cutting out the Soda pop and the junk food allowed me to lose 15 pounds in the first 2 weeks. I was surprise to feel stronger and having more energy by simply eating less junk food.

4. Start a morning, afternoon, or evening routine
 – I am a creature of habit. I have a work schedule that changes quite a bit. So, I started a routine that I force myself to do when I wake up. If you don’t have access to a gym (I don’t either) start with push ups and sit ups. The best thing is to use your own body as your own natural resistance.
Your routine should be just that. A routine just like brushing your teeth or putting on your shoes.

5. It’s a lot harder to talk yourself out of working out in a group
 – You might be able to talk yourself out of working out but it might be harder to tell someone again that you won’t make it for the workout. An excuse that works when you work out alone, doesn’t work so much when you work out in a group setting with friends and others with a similar goal.
 the makers of an app I use has a post with more details on the benefits on working out with someone and a few additional workout suggestions.

6. Track your progress but don’t let it affect you
 – Track your progress daily if you do activities every day or weight yourself. But, don’t let it affect you. Just know your weight will go up and down and some days you might be able to work out more than others. But, tracking will allow you to see the overall picture and really get an understanding of your progress.

That is why I use runtastic.

If you have your own idea’s or suggestions share them in the comment section below.
You can follow my journey at and you can also read my posts on about almost anything I find interesting at

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  • Luseea

    I think you said it best, Dave, when you pointed that changing a bad lifestyle doesn’t happen unless the person is ready. You got to figure out what works for you in the LONG run, especially if you plan on living a LONG life. Whatever changes you make in food and activity choices, you have to be able to maintain it naturally, without even thinking about it.

    It is said that Jane Goodall–famous world expert on chimpanzees– eats only one meal a day. I tired of struggling most of my life with thryroid problems and having to count calories in spite of being a runner since teenagerhood. One day I said if Jane Goodall can do it, so can I. It wasn’t easy since I fell off the horse many times, but after 3 years of trial and error, my stomach finally adapted to one or two meals a day.No snacks. I’ve never been fond of sodas nor sweet to begin with, so giving up snacks was easy. Weight loss is very slow, but consistent, grams add to ounces, which add up to pounds.

    I’ve been off cholesterol and heart medications by eating only vegetables 6 days a week, and meats in one single meal a week. I try to exercise as my body tolerates. I no longer force my body to the point of overuse injury.

    I know this regime is not for everyone, and most experts in nutrition and physicians are against it, but it works for me. Bottom line, find your personal best and master it for life.

  • Jones Frank

    The line “Change truly comes when the person is ready to change” really resonated with me. Thank you for sharing your journey.

  • Loved this post Dave! Making it a habit is the key for me. As soon as I get out of the habit, or fall out of the routine, I gain back weight. I figured out that all I have to do is move my body every day and eat fairly healthy and I can stay slim! keep up the good work!

  • wendy

    I love your comment about group exercise or finding a partner to make you accountable. I go through periods of exercising but rarely consider finding a partner. The best thing for your body is water. Once you get your body used to it, you want to drink it through most of the day and you can tell if you’ve not had enough one day. It takes training but it is great when you hit that point of just wanting….WATER….!!

  • Ernesto

    I am not one to comment on posts but your post was so honest how could I not?. Thank you for your honesty. I have been struggling with my own weight loss for years. I downloaded the Runtastic iPhone app and I figure that is my first step.

  • Thank you everyone for your comments, likes, tweets, and even the Google+’s. But, more important to me – Thank you for taking time our of your day to read part of my journey. I only hope this post sparks the fuse needed to start or keep you motivated on your journey.

    Also, thanks to the folks at Runtastic for letting me share my story, making the great apps that keeps me going on my journey and for making them for my Windows Phone 🙂

  • This post is awesome.Its like facing reality of life from which we always run and fool ourselves by giving different reasons or blaming others.

  • I felt very happy while reading this site. This was really very informative site for me. I really liked it. This was really a cordial post. Thanks a lot!